I have big breasts and I'm also quite proud of them. However, I have always been a bit chubby. My friends would say "just too fat". My boyfriend never had a problem with it. He just likes me as I am. In the end, I decided to choose the middle road and decided to lose a few kilos. That was already a difficult process because I like to eat everything, especially chocolate when I'm stressed. My mind seems to imagine that if I eat a bar of chocolate it gets less;) I have adjusted my eating habits and tracked and reduced calorie intake.

That worked, I did indeed start to lose some weight after a few weeks, but to my great shock I noticed more space in my bra, so apparently, my breasts were the first to become a bit lighter instead of the rest of my body, because my pants still fit exactly. Just as tight as ever, the belt was still in the same hole, so nothing changed there, my belly and buttocks remained the same in size. The only thing that became less were my breasts..The one part of my body that I was so proud of became less in terms of volume. I looked at it again with a half-shell bra which my boyfriend likes so much. In this bra my breasts were really nice and round on the top that looked nice and sexy, still but less bulging. I continued my reduced calorie plan and finally, we are now

Months later, I noticed my pants were a bit roomier, but my stomach was still unchanged. At this point, my boyfriend came in to say that I am screwing up everything that he likes and finds beautiful about me. He said; “I never complained about your butt, nor your belly and definitely not your breasts. So, I don't care what your friends think about your figure,I would like to see you back in your original, voluminous and sexy state. And so I started to investigate on the internet and I found several products that claim to make your breasts grow. Most stories are too good to be true and then they are usually not true. I have sent an email with my desires to this website to see whether they are reasonable. I was not promised golden mountains. Moreover, results differ from person to person. However, a reasonable expectation is that my breasts will be fuller again. So I started the cure and I hope the first results will come soon. In order to have my butt back, I will just have to do some more calories again. I call it reversed slimming ;) I'll let you know when I have my full breasts back.