Dear allI have experienced something that I find strange, I have been taking the breast pills for several months now, I did a test a week ago and it turned out to be positive. So I had Covid. Crazy enough, I had no reason to assume that I was infected, I needed to do the test in order to enter a bar, because of the QR code. I thought the test couldn't be right because I feel good, nothing special. Not even a runny nose, bought tests myself and tested again at home positive again. Tested again 5 days after the results and this time negative, I went to the GGD again and also there with a negative result.I wonder if the breast pills have any influence on the Coronavirus. My illness cycle was only 5 days and I didn't notice anything. I can say with certainty that breast pills certainly won't get you any worse if you get infected in one way or another. As for my breasts, I have the idea that they are now starting to get a bit fuller after 2 months of use, so I will definitely continue with it, this time under the heading it does not help, certainly does no harm.Now I hear on the news that they are banning alcohol in Norway since it would increase your chance of Covid. I think they're getting crazier everywhere. Well, enough about the virus. I hope that next Summer I will be on the boat with a well-filled bikini top, which I think is more important than all the current circumstances of sitting at home and not being allowed to go anywhere not being vaccinated like me. Hereby good health to all and hopefully good news about my breasts and the lost freedom we are now dealing with.Greetings,SonjaTranslated by Interactivated