The idea that all women are dreaming of bigger breasts is certainly not true. Size isn’t the number one priority, women simply want more attractive, perkier, and fuller breasts. The strange thing is that even when someone has objectively beautiful breasts, they are not always satisfied. Women, who are active and run, do Pilates or maybe some other form of heavy cardio, are not always fans of big breasts. Moving and running with large breasts can take a toll on the body and may lead to back problems.

Heavy breasts can also affect your balance, and the whiplash effect can cause pain if you don’t have the right bra. In addition, the breasts’ connective tissue may stretch with time, causing the breasts to sag. There are cultures around the world where large, hanging breasts are considered beautiful, but for the vast majority of women, they are not desirable. Other parts of the world cherish obesity, and people there think that an 800-pound man is prosperous. Stretched skin is the common denominator in these instances.

If said, man lost 500 pounds, he would have a skin capable of covering half a billiard table. The same is true for large-breasted women who lose weight. The volume of the breast decreases, but the skin retains its size, resulting in a sagging effect. To prevent stretched skin and connective tissue, you have to have strong support. Finding the right kind of bra is, therefore, very important. It is also possible to get fuller and firmer breasts without actually stretching the skin,