Dear readers, my name is Helen, I started Natural Push Up about a week ago. I bought the starter package and I had high hopes for it. Just like many of you, I too, have tried everything on the natural front. I really hoped that this time would make a difference, and the stains on my shirts around the nipple area, as well as the itchy feeling that I get, actually makes me optimistic that something finally happened at a hormonal level.

The truth is that I have been trying all kinds of products for years, with little to no actual results. I was never a naturally busty person, but I was actually proud of my breasts once, they were considered perky. Childbirth and the subsequent breastfeeding changed that. Would I change anything? Definitely not, having a child is a wonderful experience that cannot be replaced with anything else, nor would I try to replace it. That, however, does not mean that we have to give up on the idea that we could get into pre-birth shape. I believe that it is possible.

I breastfed my child for 8 months, and that did some damage, but my breasts were still full. Then when the milk stopped, the whole fiasco with the soft breasts began. I went from a DD cup to a plus D in literally days. Almost immediately, I started to do some research. Some sites suggested gaining some weight, which I thought was a funny suggestion. Sure, if you gain weight, your breasts grow in size, but so does everything else on you, not to mention the potential side effects. If eating would only increase the size of your breasts and maybe your buttocks, many women would choose it as an option, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Eating is not, and should not be the solution for this problem.

Some of my girlfriends suggested that I should go and have plastic surgery. I wasn’t too keen on that idea either. One of my reasons was the general opinion of men. I think they are not nearly as fond of plastic breasts as some of them would make you believe. The reality is that they find it too fake unless the size is right, and there is enough fat tissue around the implant. My other fear was the potential medical problems. Complications after surgery are not uncommon, and I did not want to suffer through something like that. I wanted to try a natural solution. This product made me optimistic because I finally experienced something that reminded me of puberty. Normally you don’t want to experience that phase twice, but now I think it is actually a good sign, a sign of something happening within my body that could lead to the wanted results.

Dear readers, my name is Helen, I started Natural Push Up about a week ago.

I have read about the process quite extensively, and I think I am on the right path. I refused to care about the borderline insane reviews written by women who wanted to see magical results within days. That is just not how any such products work. The human body cannot produce that growth rate, not even during puberty, which is the mother of all processes that comes with natural growth. I have been disappointed a couple of times before I tried out this product, and although I am not quite there yet, I am optimistic about my results so far. I regularly check my nipples and breasts, and I can safely say that the last time I felt anything similar, was during my puberty. Mother Nature is not a product, and it is obvious that I will not get the same results as I did back then, but even if I can achieve 60-70% of it, I will be happy.

I have seen a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet that suggested this could work, and even my own experience so far makes me think that it can. Again, my results are not where I would want them to be, but the fact that there are results to talk about is actually amazing on its own. These pills look and feel different from your run-of-the-mill wonder products, they didn’t come in a jar, which once again gave me hope. If you think about it, any legitimate medicine that you ever had was given to you in a strip, and never in a jar. I wish every woman here at Natural Push Up or anywhere around the world good luck. May we all reach our goals, greetings, Helen.

*Translated by Interactivated bv