Hello readers, I wonder, what would happen if I got bigger breasts? Let’s forget for a moment that the active substance may or may not exist, and even if it did, it may not be profitable. Suppose that this product did something. It seems unlikely, but for the purpose of this post, let’s say it has already happened. I got the beautiful, bigger, and fuller breasts that some of my girlfriends are so keen on. What would that mean?

For starters, I think I would have to kiss all my clothes goodbye, accessories that I am so proud of because they would not fit anymore! I could throw most of them away, including some very expensive items from couture brands. I don’t think many of us have thought about this. If this thing works, it raises some important questions.

In principle, I want to increase my breast size, especially if I can do it with the help of an innocent, natural pill created for this purpose. Every woman wants that perfect, sexy look at the beach, when all you wear is a little bikini. I know I would do that, and the smaller the bikini is, the more fun the spectators have. Let’s face it, we don’t wear those bikinis for ourselves, we want to show off.

What about sleeping?

I like to sleep on my belly, when I am on my back I often snore and generally don’t get a good night’s sleep. If I had bigger breasts, would I be able to sleep on my belly without being uncomfortable? Look, nobody thinks about that, but it’s a valid question. What if sleeping that way changes the way they look? This is not a problem with smaller breasts, but I could easily see it being a problem with a larger chest. I would also love it if they became firmer. I’m still undecided.

I could start with the product offered here, and I am on the verge of doing so, but who says it works? Who can guarantee that something will change in a positive way? Exactly, no one. So before I start this experiment with Natural Push Up tablets, which I'm very much skeptical about, I want to cover all angles. Just in case it works, I want to find someone who will buy my clothes because they worth a small fortune.

Who Will Buy My Clothes?

Larger breasts are not always fun, you know. You cannot lie on them for too long, and energetic walking or running becomes a lot less fun without a sports bra. There are woman who manage to pull it off without suffering the consequences, but you have to possess remarkable genetics, or be in an excellent shape. It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely without extra work. I think I would be willing to do it.

If everything goes the way I hope, this product will help me. At the end of the day, I know I want bigger breasts, despite the potential downsides. I have a girlfriend with an F-cup who is quite happy, and I know she doesn’t just say it, but actually feels that way. She draws more attention than I do, certainly in a stretch pullover. I think I am going to start this experiment, and you will be the first hear about the results. Greetings from Francien.