I have always dreamed about bigger breasts, but unfortunately, I am still not the Sports Illustrated bikini girl everyone stares at, of both sexes. It is frustrating, and regrettably, Mother Nature is very unlikely to land me a helping hand at this point. How could I have beautiful and full breasts then? I already see myself with firm, big breasts, running on the beach Baywatch style. Not a bad scenario, right? Despite that, the dream remains elusive. My friends usually just laugh at me, but they don’t mind that I remain hopeful and try to salvage this situation without medical intervention.

The owners of this site were kind enough to allow me to share my frustration with my fellow women, and they provided a free sample of their product too. I have never tried Natural Push Up so I have no opinion on it, but I am hopeful it could work. If I could naturally increase my breast size, that would be great. Why should I give up on this dream? Let’s be honest, no one wants to see a bikini girl with two soft tea bags under there. At the same time, I have no interest in becoming a blow up doll with two enormous fake breasts either. In addition, even if there are more realistic surgical options, I am still afraid of the procedure. The truth is I’m tired of playing hide and seek at my favourite Florida beach and hotel, always wearing something suggestive of big breasts

With Dream Breasts, It Is Easy to Attract the Attention of Men

I do not intend to attract the attention of every men in the vicinity, but I obviously wouldn’t mind if some of them would notice me. If not for anything else, just to talk a little. I am an open person who enjoys conversations with new people. I make good conversation, but most men would prefer to talk with busty bikini girls, and they don’t really mind if she can only speak gibberish. That’s just how it goes.

They get all the attention, it doesn’t matter if they can’t talk about anything, they get free drinks and a fun day out of it. Meanwhile, even though I have a great personality, I am sitting lonely over there while Ms Breastilicious giggles aimlessly in front of 10 guys. That is not a good experience, and it can ruin your confidence for good. Also, when you see that most men simply cannot look past these attributes, you have to decide if you are willing to get in the game, or just give up. I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Breast Augmentation with Natural Pills

I’m ready to try out these pills, and hopefully the experiment will lead to bigger breasts. I am an average 45 European size. I have no children and have a super job, so testing products is just a hobby for me, and I’m not doing it to pay the bills. Some of my friends tell me to simply increase my breast size through surgery, but that’s not really my thing. I would prefer a natural option.

In addition, what if I’m among the 10% of unlucky women and end up having to have their implants removed? I would be left with my old tea bags, and I would lose a lot of money. I am convinced natural breast enhancement can yield decent results. I have read enough scientific publications to know that there are indeed existing plant species that affect your breasts. What if there is a chemical agent like that out there, but they haven’t identified it yet? These extracts could help us. So beautiful bastards! Let’s try this, and hope for the best.


I know that a natural substance can only be considered a medical drug if it has been tested and approved. So continue the testing process and maybe the result will be a smart, voluptuous woman sitting in the bar, maybe that utopic dream can come true. Greetings and great browsing.