I have a lovely neighbor who’s simply got natural sex appeal. She is the kind of woman that couldn’t do anything about it, even if she wanted to. I am not unattractive, but the slim waist - big breast combination men love so much, just wasn’t on the cards for me. I have to face this problem every day. Most men in my building look at her in a certain way, especially when she is sunbathing in the garden in her little bikini. It is an ideal place to lay down and enjoy nature, but little does she know that the men in our building concentrate on her gifts, rather than the scenery. I'm not saying anything about it, but it definitely bothers me, and I’m just going to be honest I am a little bit jealous.

What bothers me most is that when she is outside, I become invisible to my environment. I think most women would understand where I’m coming from. When we see a perfect body, and we are still at an age where we want to look as good as possible, we can’t help but wonder. We think about what would it be like to have bigger breasts, to have rounder buttocks, maybe a prettier face. I don’t think this is shallow, or if it is, I’m obviously not the only one who feels that way. Of course, others try to comfort me, saying there are more important things in life than breasts and buttocks, and they are right. Good health, financial stability, being a good person, these should all rank higher than being attractive, but in an age where you are measured against goddesses on a daily basis, it is hard to not think about physical beauty. I have good health, financial stability, and even a lovely man, but my sex appeal could be better. My sexy neighbor and my sex appeal deficit have brought me to a point of thinking about the possible changes I could implement in my life to make myself look sexier.

I have a lovely neighbor who’s simply got natural sex appeal.

I don’t actually think you can fault men for staring, and I have even caught my own boyfriend doing it occasionally. Physical beauty is good to look at. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I occasionally look at good-looking guys. It’s just how our brains are wired. Of course, there is a difference between looking and staring or even flirting, but the reflex is understandable. My neighbor has a beautiful body, there is no better way to describe it. She also has thick hair, pretty eyes, and face. The total package, really. I know I will never look as good as she does, but I could still increase my sex appeal, right? I want my breasts to be a little bigger, and my buttocks maybe a tad rounder. I know many women my age look for the same things, and I’ve read similar opinions here. The people who visit this site have similar dreams, and that gives me hope. I’ve spent quite a few hours surfing the internet looking for an easy solution to my problem. Apparently, there is no such thing, and this is logical if you think about it.

If there was a miracle solution, every woman would have the beautiful, full breasts my neighbor does. She is naturally well endowed, she didn’t take pills to get bigger breasts, none of that was needed in her case. Mother Nature took care of it all. Sometimes you just hit the genetic jackpot. Implants could be a possibility for me, but I know I don’t want them. They often look fake, and the doctors cannot give you any guarantee that they will look exactly as you imagined. That is still determined by how well your skin and muscles can hold the implant. To cut a long story short, I want real breasts and not a plastic version. I am going to share my experiences with you, although they said that for legal reasons, I’m not allowed to say whether the product worked for me or not, but I’ll figure something out. I am not a lawyer so I don’t know how this works, but I do know that I am optimistic, and I think that chasing this dream of mine is a worthy mission. I wish you all good luck, and I hope that we’ll find what we were looking for. Greetings, Jose.