Many women know that buying sexy lingerie is not always easy. Finding the right top or bra can be very complicated. In addition to finding the perfect size, it is almost impossible to make a choice between the different types. Using a bra with a wrong design that doesn’t fit you properly can result in back problems and other physical complications. In this article, we will talk about the differences between the different types, so you can purchase sexy lingerie without any problems.

We are going to start with the most famous and relevant bra in the world, the push-up. The use of a push-up bra makes your breasts look bigger, that’s their main purpose. Push-up bras for women with smaller breasts often have removable pads to provide more volume. A push-up bra can increase your self-confidence, and they often allow certain clothes to fit you better.

Preformed / Padded
A bra with preformed cups is not the same as a push-up bra. The preformed cups ensure that the nipples are not visible when wearing a translucent shirt. In addition, that design allows the cups to make your breasts slightly more attractive. While a normal bra simply supports your breasts, preformed designs change their actual shape.

Full Cup
If your breasts have a little more volume than usual, good support becomes a priority. A full cup bra can provide this support. Padding with stuffing or removable pads are rare in these designs.

With the Plunge Bra, the center of the bra is a lot lower than on other bras. The advantage of this is that you get a nice and deep cleavage. You get a similar effect as you would with a push-up.

The Balconette bra belongs to sexy lingerie and has a lower cut out bracket. This means that the straps of the bra will be further apart than they would be in other designs. Some balconettes have additional filling for an increased lifting effect. The intention is to make the cleavage more visually appealing.