When it comes to natural breast enhancement, there are an alarming number of useless products competing for the spotlight. The Internet is full with ladies who want nicer and bigger breasts, so they buy every remedy under the sun, even though most of these products couldn’t possibly be any less effective. They don’t work because their formula relies on the cheapest ingredients, or they were not designed to work in the first place. If you want to learn which products you shouldn’t trust, start by paying attention to their names, because sometimes that’s a certain giveaway.

Silly Monikers All Around

Take a look around online and see it for yourself. Most products have a ridiculous name. Monikers such as Bigger Breasts, Voluminous Breasts, Breast Fast, Max Bust, Breast Success or Breast Advance are common, and they should instantly alarm you. Around 99% of these products don’t work, and what’s worse, sometimes they may also cause side effects. Promoters give these products those ridiculous names to swindle their customers. They know they don’t work, so they try to market them in unusual or shocking ways, preying on those who are desperate enough to believe the lies. Even if some of these products are harmless, they still won’t get you the results you wanted.

Another problem is putting banned substances on the market and advertising them as effective treatments. A company with a good reputation would never resort to such tactics. The best course of action is to choose a product with a solid reputation and a simple name. The results won’t come within 30 days, and you will not get a DD cup within six months, but a slow and steady progress can be expected.

Most of the Stories Are Lies

When the story sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You can’t buy magical products because they don’t exist. When you think you’ve found the right one, there is a high probability that you are wrong. Nevertheless, don’t be ashamed, because the vast majority of customers can be tricked, and when they really want something to be true, it is even easier. There is no difference between America and Europe, although, in the United States, there are probably more of these products. The only way to avoid them is by staying vigilant and doing plenty of research. If you do that, you can probably avoid them and maybe even find the few quality ones actually on the market. Plastic surgery is another potentially harmful solution.

Cosmetic procedures come with their own risks, and what’s even worse, no doctor guarantees that your breasts will look exactly like the ones in the pictures. They don’t make promises because they can’t. The simple fact is, that the same size implants can look very different on two people. The end-result always depends on your age, skin, prior medical history, etc. The same is true for gel injections, mostly because we still don’t know the long-term effects of liposuction. There is a temptation to look better and do everything in your power to achieve it, but you shouldn’t rely on products or treatments that are extremely dangerous.

They Assume the Worst

These companies think that every woman is blonde and dumb. They are actually the idiots that lack an accurate view. Yes, women want beautiful breasts, and they hope to find natural solutions, but abusing that desire to sell useless products is not only unethical but often illegal. Products must comply with certain standards and companies are not allowed to make false promises or claims. If you are looking for a product, try to be realistic about your goals, and try to be thorough with your research, because that way, you help not just yourself, but other women as well.