I think so; otherwise, half the women’s breasts over the age of 20, with a B-cup or above would have to be considered ugly. That, of course, cannot be true. Breasts have a tendency to sag a little beyond a certain size. Natural C-cup breasts will not just sit there being all perky, perfectly aligned on the middle of the chest muscle. Despite that, if you do an Internet search for models with large breasts, you will see that there are plenty of natural women out there, who although they have somewhat saggy breasts, still have their sex appeal! Why? Because their breasts are full. When breasts are full, they do not look ugly or less sexy, even if they are a little bit on the saggy side. F-cup breasts without that normal drop would look fake and unnatural anyway!

Full Sagging Breasts Are Sexy

Contrary to what the Internet would make you believe, most men and women prefer the natural look to the fake appeal. Unfortunately, if your breasts are saggy and do not have the fullness, that same sexiness we talked about drops considerably. It is a common problem for many of us, and if someone one day could come up with a perfect solution, without any kind of downside or compromise, he or she would deserve the Nobel Prize. The vast majority – around 99%, really - of remedies are useless, and nature does not help either! Whenever you lose weight, you tend to lose it from your breasts or buttocks, which does not help your sex appeal. Full breasts and round bottoms are quite beautiful, but even if you have them for a while, they tend to go first during a diet. When that happens, you are left with the annoying belly fat, saggy breasts and a flat bottom. Hard dieting often robs you of your most appealing areas. You may become skinny, but what about sex appeal? There is a reason why adult stars like Jeanna Crowe and Milena Velba are extremely popular, they have large breasts slightly saggy, but extremely full!

Big Breasts Bosom Stars

Obviously, ordinary women have no intention to sell adult movies, nor should they, but the fact that millions of men buy these films just to see big, full, and yes, sagging breasts, shows us what types of bosoms are the most sexually appealing! The question is, can we get that look naturally, and without having to eat all the contents of the refrigerator? If you have children as I do, you already know that the answer is yes. When I was pregnant, but even after childbirth, my breasts were fuller than ever before. Then as my baby started to feed, and I started to lose the weight, my breasts again lost some of their size. I started wondering, is there anything that could promote the same biological processes that would lead to bigger breasts?

Larger Breasts Come from Your Body Storing Fat

What we seek is a substance that promotes fat storage in the breast, similarly to when you are pregnant and your breasts start to produce milk, only this time there would be no milk. I loved having bigger, fuller breasts during that time, but the spots on my shirt or dress sometimes came in at the worst possible times. I am looking for something that can make my body believe that my breasts need to grow, need to be fuller, but I do not want any side effects that would make the actual results harder to enjoy. Is it possible? Who knows, but trying out the product offered under this header is the logical choice for me.

Bigger Breasts without Shady or Dangerous Methods

There are solutions that could theoretically work for some, but cannot be used in my case. Sometimes they get fat from another area of the body and inject it into the breasts, but that treatment is not only excessively expensive for me, but there is not much to suck away. Not to mention that this method comes with its own dangers. I need a non-invasive method that can help me, which is the reason why I will try this product, and hope that it works. Good luck to anyone with a similar problem. If you are here reading these words, it means that you are interested in this topic, and that we are in this together.