Dear readers and partners in misfortune, I have something to say.


I am not a medical expert but sometimes I feel that others think that we are very silly because we are looking for breast improvements.


I find a couple of things annoying. Let’s start with Hot Push Up Capsules from Stuntpakker. This product naturally increases the chest muscles, or at least that’s what it says.


What do you think of it? I have never read anything sillier. If I want to enlarge my breasts through thicker chest muscles, I will go to the gym.


By the way, I've tried that once and the result was that I got two nice bulging bumps above my weak C, because my breasts are half under my chest muscles.


So if Hot Push Up Capsules worked (which is impossible) then the result would be counterproductive, at the end of the line you would have four breasts: two upper bumps of muscles without nipples and two breasts that were already there. I pity anyone who buys that.


Then there is the second miracle of nature. The super product, E Lifexir Push Up Breast from the Holland & Barret company. Its design is a mystery to me, so I will not speculate about it, but the same spread can also lift your buttocks.


Then I come across a story brought under the name Breastgro that a woman had first used Natural Push Up with the result that she had improved by 1 cup size. However, she thought Natural Push Up was too expensive so she switched to Breastgro. You can do that, but I would have stayed with what has brought me results if I were her, and by the way, I think the price difference is negligible.


Then another story from a woman, again it was about Breastgro, she had stopped Natural Push Up because of her monthly period has changed. I find it strange that women complain in a Breastgro forum for users who are looking to share their experiences using the product.


It is brave of the company that sells Breastgro because in a public forum anyone can tear your product down including those who have not used the product, for example, because they have a beard behind their screen and try to sell a pot (PRUTS) to the same customers.


By the way, the right way of presentation is a blister strip according to my doctor. However, if no one washes his / her hands before they dig into the jar with their fingers, so the contamination of the rest of the course is a risk.


Unfortunately, blister packs are more expensive than pots, so the Smurf with the long beard invariably puts its secret miracle remedies in pots. Probably with the thought, if it does not do what I have made up, then with some bad luck at least a cold sore. That’s good according to my doctor. Funny guy, by the way, I went to see him during my visit.


I also told him that I want to use Naturalpushup in the hope of getting my weak C full again. To my surprise, he did not rip it off. He didn’t recommend it either.


He knows about my breasts, so he told me to let him know if anything has changed, that would be nice and interesting. Well, I'm going to try because at least there is a lack of nonsense on the website.


I find that very positive. And believe me, if multiple cup size increases are promised in a short time, then just avoid using it. According to my doctor that is nonsense.



Kind regards,


*Translated by Interactivated bv