Dear fellow sufferers,

After all my failures, my hopes are really slim. I have tried just about every product with no results. So, I don’t believe that Natural Push Up works. However, the strangest thing ever happened, my best friend was using Natural Push Up for several months. Now she finally had the courage to tell me that because, as she says, her breasts have become a lot fuller. She showed me and her bra was indeed tighter.

I told her, dear Carla, if you have washed that bra many times, it certainly shrunk. It seems as if it is fuller than before. Moreover, if you have gained a few pounds, which is not impossible because you are always craving for food, then your breasts have grown with the rest of your body. By the way, what about your pants, do your old jeans still fit? I won't believe in anything until someone proves me wrong. Our wishes shape our thoughts so if she likes fuller breasts then she will convince herself that her breasts have really become fuller. Carla laughed at me and left the room. Then she came back with all the bras and jeans she owned.

She showed me the jeans, they were so tight, I thought the buttons will fall out. I told her they weren’t so tight before because you would have never bought it. Yes, she says I have indeed gained one kilo, I went from 57 to 58 and some. Still, that can't make for the difference in my breasts because the majority of what I got went into my buttocks and my stomach. Indeed when I looked at her buttocks and tummy all of the gained weight was there. Unfortunately, it is true that some chubby women have small, sagging breasts. I looked into some studies and they claim the smallest amount of fat goes into the breasts. Sucking the fat from the belly and injecting it into the breasts is a common trend nowadays.

Anyway, she starts with the bra show, and all the bras are really full and are definitely not comfortable. Just so you know, I told her, tight bras are definitely bad for the circulation of your breasts. That’s not a problem, she says, because I am only wearing one to show you that something is happening thanks to those pills, normally I don’t wear a bra. I don't care about that because I already had hanging boobs.

Now I have fuller hanging breasts, and my boyfriend doesn't find that a problem, as long as they are big. He even thinks it's great he gets to play with them. Well, I had a fair share of erotic lessons and I am going to consider taking the same experiment as Carla, but really for the last time because I have already spent too much money on all kinds of products that promised me larger breasts.

Kind regards to all of you.

Wish me luck with that.


*Translated by Interactivated bv