Everyone thinks it was women who started using optical illusions to improve their sex appeal but it is not necessarily true. Men are sometimes just as self-conceited about their physical appearance. This became apparent to me when I saw some of them walking around at a beach party with a nice pair of socks shoved in their swimming trunks. It is all part of the game the two sexes have been involved in since the dawn of our species, and everybody participates in it. While both sexes are guilty, men look for beauty much more often, and that makes us a lot more self-conscious about our appearance. We care so much because we know that men care too much!

Deceiving Them Is Not the Answer

Men are often dummies, and rarely concentrate on the stuff that matters. I mean, those who are willing to stuff their swimming trunks are prime examples! That still does not mean we should deceive them. The whole game of optical illusion between the two sexes is silly. Between the lifted shoes men often wear to the pads, and us stuffing our bras, it always comes back to bite us. We fool each other, and we turn into fools during the process. What do you think will happen when you show a C-cup to someone and then magically turns into a B-cup? That will make fora great conversation, right?

Therefore, ladies, we have to face the facts. The more we fool someone by putting rubbish items in our lingerie, the more difficult it will be to explain the situation when the great unmasking takes place. You should never show more than what you have, and if you can do that, the other person will not have any illusions about your body. What could also help, is, I imagine, actually having nice, full breasts!

Bigger breasts? Sure, But I Do Not Want Surgery

If you do not want to have surgery – which I completely understand -, natural breast enlargement remains the only option. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in that department. You want to see success, but at the same time it’s important that you do not believe everything you read. Is there a proper method that actually works? I am not sure but I know what does not work. When you see a product with a stupid name like Super Bust, Bust Wonder, DDcups or Mega Bosom, do not buy it! All too often, we buy something just because of its name. While this can be a viable strategy when you buy a car or a television, it’s not something you want to repeat with a product like this. Logic would dictate that a remedy with a name like the above examples should not be taken seriously. No natural remedy will turn saggy, empty breasts into full, perky, double D magic bosoms. It just does not happen! You have to be realistic.

Beautiful, Full, Firm Breasts without Surgery

Having beautiful and full breasts without surgery is a very appealing idea. Natural breast enlargement is a concept worth revisiting, however, so many times, we can’t see the wood for the trees. We have a bad product, a bad experience, and we give up. The other thing is, when we are talking about successful, natural breast enlargement, there are not a whole lot of success stories out there. Positive user experiences don’t seem to exist and this is a little bit discouraging. Having said all that, I still haven’t given up hope just yet, and that is why I will try the product you see under this header. I want full, beautiful breasts just like most of us.