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Breast products

About natural breast enlargement - Bigger breasts without operation:

Bigger, fuller and firmer breasts without undergoing breast enhancement surgery. More beatifull breasts, 100% naturally. The alternative for an expensive and risky operation? It's the dream of almost every mother, women after 40 but also many younger women who have just gotten a little less from mother nature. But are these pills safe? And do they work at all?

Fuller, firmer breasts with breast growth tablets:

In the field of natural breast enhancement for bigger breasts a lot has been thought out in the past years, a lot has been lied about, exaggerated and a lot of risky things have been tried. For example, there have been products on the market that promised 3 cup sizes extra in just a few weeks! A human being only has one growing rate and what has taken from 5 to 7 years during puberty can impossibly be repeated in a matter of just a few weeks. This is the category "Complete nonsense", but then there is also the category "Extremely dangerous":

A few cupsizes extra in no-time!

Several cup sizes more in 9 months for example. This is normally only possible during the pregnancy, but also with synthetic estrogens which can be purchased easily on the Eastern markets this can be done. Especially when applying an overdose of this synthetic estrogen it is possible to achieve several cup sizes more in 9 to 12 months. Quickly you will be able to notice an amazing increase of firmness of the breasts. However, these syntheses are also known to significantly increase the change for cancer and are therefor a serious risk to your health!

Truly 100% natural firmer and more beautiful breasts:

We here at the Natural Push up stand by our promise that the product must be safe and reliable. Still, our product is too strong for vulnerable groups of women. The hop extracts for example are with 5 tablets a day no problem at all for women that are still menstruating. If you are however in, or past your menopause, then with 5 tablets a day you can start your menstruation cycle again! This group of women should strictly take no more than 3 hop tablets per day and 1 melting tablet per 2 days. These side effects show that this is a powerful composition. Still, we do not advertise with cup sizes for the aforementioned reasons.

What can you expect from our natural breast products?

A firming effect can be achieved because of the increase of glandular tissue that takes up approximately 40% of the contents in the female breasts. The other 60% are made up out of fat and connective tissue. These tissues will not respond to the Natural Push Up tablets! So with those 40% of glandular tissues we will have to try to increase the content of the often stretched up skin so it will become more tight again.

This procedure of breast firming takes more time than the insertion of breast implants or the intake of dangerous substances. You don't take any risks with your health! We assume that this is the only option which is friendly for your body. Breast enlargement or enhancement should never be a risk for your health, otherwise please just stay the way you are.


Gluten Information: 

This product is not suitable for people with a gluten intolerance or a cereal allergy.

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