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Posted at 17.01.2022 12:00:30 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit

Hi I've been experiencing something that I'd like to mention. It's about hot flashes and those horrible night sweats, I almost drifted out of bed, a friend tipped me to try breast pills. She also suffered from hot flashes and was pleasantly surprised by the side effect of the breast pills. She had ordered these pills to increase the firmness of her breasts, of course, so when she came to the conclusion after about 5 weeks that she no longer suffered from her hot flashes, she thought it could only be because of those pills. So to be sure she stopped taking the pills for 1 week. When all the trouble came back, she started again and indeed it went away.

She knew I had the same trouble with my menopause and she advised me to try it since there's no harm in trying anyway and full breasts are also nice to have. After all, we also go to the sauna and in the whirlpool with others including men. So I find firm full breasts definitely better in those circumstances than flabby breasts. 

I know it will take months to really see an effect on the breasts, but so far so good, my hot flashes and horrible night sweats are already over. I think this is much more important than full breasts. My menopause symptoms already disappeared 4 weeks after I started taking the pills! Another side effect, not that it matters, but still...my libido also improved.

If I had known this 10 years ago I would have prevented myself from a lot of misery, when I think back to the hot summer nights, I still don't feel good, I suffered so much at night, it's indescribable, horrible is still carefully said. And during the day I was, of course, exhausted because I did not sleep a wink at night. I sometimes thought that if I have to age this way, I'd rather not. People don't understand how much you suffer when you're awake for 30 days, I was a wreck. Of course, you have no libido, I felt like a Zombie.

I still can't imagine that I lived like this. And of course, I have tried everything that is available in products, the biggest brands are the biggest nonsense to me, even no relief at all. I can therefore confidently advise every woman with menopausal complaints to try these breast pills for menopausal complaints. A miracle cure for me. By the way, after 2 months I noticed that my breasts also responded positively to the cure. So ladies here is my story. I hope it makes someone happy.



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Posted at 29.12.2021 10:02:16 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
I have experienced something that I find strange, I have been taking the breast pills for several months now, I did a test a week ago and it turned out to be positive. So I had Covid. Crazy enough, I had no reason to assume that I was infected, I needed to do the test in order to enter a bar, because of the QR code. I thought the test couldn't be right because I feel good, nothing special. Not even a runny nose, bought tests myself and tested again at home positive again. Tested again 5 days after the results and this time negative, I went to the GGD again and also there with a negative result.Read More
Posted at 03.12.2021 18:12:07 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
I always had beautiful full breasts and a closet full of clothes and lingerie that were tailored to that. Not anymore unfortunately. It started with my pregnancy when my breasts became more than 2 cup sizes bigger, I went from D to F. That was too big for my lingerie and also for most tight dresses etc. The only advantage it had was that I always looked sexy, even without a bra.Read More
Posted at 22.11.2021 23:24:34 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
Let me start straight to the point; I find that my breasts are too small and actually, I can't really accept it, depending on the situation. On the beach it is harder to accept being the gray mouse than in the cinema, for example. Of course, I thought for a long time about breast augmentation, but actually, I missed my calling, I should have become an investigator. I was about to go see the surgeon when one night I did some investigation. Let me tell you how long the female breast tampering has been going on and how it went. Keep in mind that it was always doctors who performed these experiments on women who, like us today, view the doctor as a confidant. After all, you think it's normal to show him or her your breasts and even put the knife in them without any medical necessity. Well, that's something. When a construction worker whistles at us we are often more affected, while this is an innocent phenomenon without any consequences. Well, we have learned nothing in that area from the past 125 years, we are apparently still as naive as we were more than 1 century ago.Read More
Posted at 15.11.2021 22:06:28 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
Hello everyone.I recognize myself in the previous post, I think I am through menopause because I don't have periods anymore. What I do have are those horrible hot flashes and a cork dry vagina. I'm glad I don't have to put in tampons anymore because that would just hurt too much. You can grease them with olive oil, but then they won't absorb any more moisture, that seems like a useless act. I ordered the breast pills in a quiet moment without hot flashes, because when I have them I don't think about anything. I feel them rise in my stomach and then the feeling goes up until I have a bright red head. Then I start to perspire.Read More
Posted at 08.11.2021 23:17:40 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
I have been using this product for 8 months now. Initially, I started it because I hoped it could make my breasts a bit fuller and firmer. I didn't really expect more from it. But it did other things to my body that are actually just as important as a nice attractive sexy figure. Now the latter will not interest all women, but I have a man and he certainly does. And I think it's important that he finds me attractive. Intimate contact had been impossible without lubricant for a long time because I got a dry vagina after the meno break, so before anything was possible I had to moisten myself and rub it in otherwise it hurt during the penetration.Read More
Posted at 01.11.2021 13:31:29 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
Hi ladies and girls. I am 65 years old and my issues are a bit more extensive than flabby breasts and a flabby ass. I started this treatment a few years ago, but I soon noticed that my biggest annoyance was less. The hot flashes and the terrible night sweats caused by menopause became less and less, believe me it was a torment. So much that I did not have proper sleeps, especially in the Summer, at night I lay naked on the tile floor in the bathroom because of the misery. It feels like having a 106 F fever, soaked with sweat.Read More
Posted at 25.10.2021 15:35:21 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets
Dear readers,I would like to contribute something to this website by explaining how our breasts grow and decrease whilst dieting. First of all, the percentage of fat in your breasts largely determines the look and volume of your breasts, so both shape and firmness depend on this percentage. Effective weight loss will, unfortunately, at first lead to a decrease of breast volume, because the fat tissue in the breasts is the lightest stored fat in the body. Very unfortunate for so many among us that our breasts disappear first whilst losing weight.Read More
Posted at 20.10.2021 10:35:59 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets, Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit
I have big breasts and I'm also quite proud of them. However, I was always a bit chubby. My friends would say just too fat. My boyfriend never had a problem with it. He just likes me as I am. In the end I decided to choose the middle road and decided to lose a few kilos. That was already a difficult process because I like to eat everything, especially chocolate when I'm stressed. My mind seems to imagine that if I eat a bar of chocolate it gets less. I have adjusted my eating habits and tracked and reduced calorie intake.Read More
Posted at 05.06.2020 10:56:18 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets

Most probably you think; why on earth is she writing all this? Well, I don't want to criticize on having bigger breasts. And I'm definately not thinking about plastic surgary, as I don't want anyone to cut into my body. I just try to live with my breasts instead. And maybe you are surprised when I tell you that I'm actually using these supplements as well. As the one thing I absolutely don't want is to have limp hanging big breasts. That would be my worst nightmare. Therefore, I use the NPU supplements to keep my boobs firm and full. Fortunately they don't get bigger. I guess my size is the maximum a woman can carry already.

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Posted at 19.05.2020 09:41:46 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets

Dear readers,

Again, a small contribution about my soft erotic party's. I believe that full, firm breasts are a must have there, that's why I continue writing about it in this blog.

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Posted at 12.05.2020 13:49:33 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets

When I started looking for reviews of woman looking for breast enlargement with natural supplements, this was one of the first websites that I found. I recognized myself in many of their stories. Just like them, I'm looking for some help in developing beautiful and natural push-up for my breasts. Improving in size is not a must-have (I currently have a C-cup). , but it would definately be a nice to have. However, most of all I wishing to have a full cup again with firmer breasts.

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Posted at 11.05.2020 14:04:44 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets
Many woman will probably recognize my experience. After two pregnancies, breastfeeding and losing weight afterwards, my breasts feel empty and no longer firm like before. Before my pregnancies I had a firm cup C/D. During pregnancy it became a full DD cup, but afterwards it became a small D cup without any firmness. I started sporting again to make my body look firmer, however, this doesn't have any effect on my breasts...I would love to become as sexy and appealing for my parner again. Although he doesn't have any issues with my breasts, I just want to feel better again when I look into the mirror.Read More
Posted at 11.05.2020 12:33:53 By / Category: Everything about hop tablets

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first about the effectiveness of NPU, as I didn’ t really believe that taking herbal pills would have an effect on the volume of my breasts. But as plastic surgery wasn’t an option for me and my breasts could really use a bit of push up after years of breast feeding, I took a chance on this product. In any case, I wasn’t afraid of any harm to my body as the product seems to contain natural ingredients only.

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Ich habe eine schöne Nachbarin, die einfach natürlichen Sex-Appeal hat.

Posted at 31.05.2017 21:14:46 By

Ich habe eine schöne Nachbarin, die einfach natürlichen Sex-Appeal hat. Sie ist die Art von Frau, die nichts dagegen tun kann, selbst wenn sie wollte. Ich bin nicht unattraktiv, aber die Kombination “schlanke Taille - große Busen”, die Männer so lieben, ist mir nicht beschert worden. Ich werde täglich mit diesem Problem konfrontiert, weil meisten Männer in meinem Haus, die Frau anstarren, vor allem wenn sie sich in ihrem Bikini im Garten sonnt. Man kann hier wunderbar die Natur genießen, aber mir ist bald klar geworden, dass die Männer in unserem Gebäude lieber den Körper meiner Nachbarin, statt die Landschaft anschauen. Ich möchte mich nicht darüber beklagen, aber es stört mich definitiv. Ehrlich gesagt bin ein bisschen neidisch.

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grotere borsten krijgen
Posted at 08.12.2016 20:39:34 By / Category: Gesundheit

Ich habe die kleinsten Brüste (Teebeutel) von unserer Freundinnen-Clique…

Da sitze ich dann mit meinen Freundinnen im Thermalbad. Marianne hat mit ihrem vollen C-Cup die kleinsten Brüste aus unserer Clique, Patricia war immer die Freundin, die mit ihrem enormen E-Cup überall die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen konnte. Ich selbst blieb seit meinem 17.

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Posted at 07.12.2016 22:15:52 By / Category: Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit

Hilfe... Ich will größere Brüste... Aber keine Operation!

Wie oft standen Sie schon vor dem Spiegel mit dem Gedanken ich will größere Brüste? Sie wollenvollere, aber auch straffe Brüste. Jede Frau hatte diesen Wunschgedanken bereits einmal gehabt....

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Geschiedenis van de borstvergroting
Posted at 06.12.2016 17:23:53 By / Category: Gesundheit

Die Wunderwelt der kosmetischen Chirurgie für Brustoperationen:

IDEE Nr.1: Schwämme in Ihre Brüste implantieren:

Haben Sie jemals mit dem Implantieren von Schwämmen begonnen? Dies war die Idee, womit es vor langer Zeit begann. Leider endete diese erste Brustvergrößerungsmethode mit einer Megakapselbildung, Verkalkung und Abstoßerscheinungen aller Kategorien.

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Brustvergrößerungspillen/Größere Brüste ohne Operation
Posted at 01.12.2016 20:27:57 By / Category: Über Hopfentabletten, Gesundheit

Größere Brüste mit Pillen:


Schönere straffere Brüste, etwas worauf man im Bikini stolz sein darf. Wie erreichen wir das? Und wie wissen wir, dass wir im Dschungel all der Döschen das richtige Produkt erwischen? Döschen, die oft die gleichen Inhaltsstoffe besitzen, dieselben Pillen nur mit einem anderen Sticker und mit einem Namen, der Bände spricht.

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Posted at 30.11.2016 22:45:41 By / Category: Über Hopfentabletten

Betr.: Beschwerde über Ihre Breast Enhancement Pills

Heute erhielt ich von der Verwaltung eine Mail mit der Bitte, diese nach voller Kenntnis der Sachlage wahrheitsgemäß zu beantworten. Kein Reklamegefasel (denn wer das noch glaubt ist echt reif für den Psychiater).

Tja, da sitze ich jetzt, als ob es nichts ist....

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