I know that everybody visits this website in order to have bigger breasts. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with small sized breast, in contrary, I have size K and I can assure you, this is not easy to live with. Man only see me as naughty, sexy Ellen with her big breasts and fat ass.I'm not complaining about attention, off course I have a lot of man chasing me. However, they don't really see me, they don't really talk to me. They see me as a toy, also my boss. And if I would switch jobs, I would probably be in the exact same situations, so I'm not leaving. But sometimes I just don't want to be sexual, I don't like the fact that man talk to my boobs instead of talking with the actual person behind them. Up untill now, I never experienced anyone that actually wanted to get to know me. I'm just a sexbomb and man want to play with me. Sometimes I fantasize about what my life would be like if I didn't have the boobs and the big butt. Wearing bra's I have sizes 95 60 125, but without it's like 95 120 75. They reach my belly button if I'm not wearing bra's and I often do, because it doesn't feel good. Instead, I wear stretched tops, a small one beneath them and a larger one on top of it, so my skin keeps dry. Even though I thought that this would mean the end of the sexy story around me, but instead they started asking me if I couldn't wear transparant tops.

Most probably you think; why on earth is she writing all this? Well, I don't want to criticize on having bigger breasts. And I'm definately not thinking about plastic surgary, as I don't want anyone to cut into my body. I just try to live with my breasts instead. And maybe you are surprised when I tell you that I'm actually using these supplements as well. As the one thing I absolutely don't want is to have limp hanging big breasts. That would be my worst nightmare. Therefore, I use the NPU supplements to keep my boobs firm and full. Fortunately they don't get bigger. I guess my size is the maximum a woman can carry already.

I just want to tell my story, because there might be other woman in my situation and maybe I can influence a little bit in their concideration to order the product. I'm very happy with it. After all, breasts start to hang a bit after a certain age. Like a slowly deflating balloon. And since I'm trying to live with these oversized boobs, it feels much better to have firm, full ones instead of the limp hanging ones. Adding the 200 grams to each 3 kilo doesn't matter so much in weight, but it makes a big difference in firmness. By the way, my boss found out that I also have nice toes, so he bought me some nice pumps. As things aren't bad enough already;)