To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first about the effectiveness of NPU, as I didn’ t really believe that taking herbal pills would have an effect on the volume of my breasts. But as plastic surgery wasn’t an option for me and my breasts could really use a bit of push up after years of breast feeding, I took a chance on this product. In any case, I wasn’t afraid of any harm to my body as the product seems to contain natural ingredients only.

After using the pills for a couple of weeks, I noticed my breasts feeling a bit heavy and a bit painful, comparable with the feeling during PMS. This feeling stayed up untill now (it’s only 6 week now since the start) and I must say that my breasts look firmer and slightly bigger in volume then they did before. I didn’ t have to buy bigger bra’s yet, but the bra’s that I have are nicely filled again and that wasn’t the case before I started. I’m very happy with the results up untill now. Let’s see what happens after using them a little while longer. Keep you posted. Many thanks to the NPU team so far!