Hi everyone, I am Anna and my post will be – however sad it is - about the beautiful breasts I often see on other women. Sad, because they are not mine, or at least not yet!

I am just going to say it, I am not satisfied with mine. I also want to clarify what I mean by nice breasts because that is subjective, am I right? When I refer to beautiful breasts, I mean bosoms that have size and fullness at the same time. They do not necessarily have to be the perkiest on the planet, as that might be the privilege of young girls. I have seen hanging breasts that were beautiful because they were full. Fullness might be the most important thing, and one could argue that being too perky could even look weird. You can often see that with implants, which rarely look like the real thing. In my opinion, it is very important to have that natural look, and I firmly believe that most men would agree with me.

Even if you have hanging breasts, if you have that fullness, they will look great in a bikini. I promise you that. I have seen enough examples in the sauna, beach, and the swimming pool to know what I’m talking about. I want to have that same look, but it is not easy. If you do have that look, you probably already know that it’s worth more than any other accessories, be it the most exquisite watch or necklace. Nothing beats sex appeal, and that is exactly the reason why women seek that elusive look. Nothing can replace a beautiful figure, and those who have it can look forward to various advantages. They get noticed more, and men seek their company constantly.

If you have a nice figure, all you have to do is be present in certain places and men will approach you. It is much easier to date when your potential partners come to you. If you agree that this is important, and you are determined to seek a working solution, you have to realize that you cannot expect results in a couple of weeks. Any result that lasts will have to be the product of a long-term process. If you want perfect bosoms for the summer but it is already March, it is just not going to happen, certainly not naturally.

Each body responds differently to these methods, but one thing is for sure, you should never expect a miracle. There are no miracles in breast enhancement, and this includes surgical solutions. I am optimistic about this product. I will let you know if it helped me as soon as I get the results I want to see. I want to fulfill my dream next summer, which means I will have about nine months to achieve my dream. I already see myself in a beautiful bikini. Good luck, ladies.

*Translated by Interactivated bv