Hi ladies and girls. I am 65 years old and my issues are a bit more extensive than flabby breasts and a flabby ass. I started this treatment a few years ago, but I soon noticed that my biggest annoyance was less. The hot flashes and the terrible night sweats caused by menopause became less and less, believe me it was a torment. So much that I did not have proper sleeps, especially in the Summer, at night I lay naked on the tile floor in the bathroom because of the misery. It feels like having a 106 F fever, soaked with sweat.


I started the treatment because I am still sexually interested and it is important that my female forms remain as intact as possible whilst aging. The fact that my curves remain and preferably appear even more prominently has now become even more important now that I sleep well, because when you are fit, you start thinking more about fun things. And I think it's very important that the men in my age category still find me attractive, now I'm talking about the serious men, I'm not in for an o.n.s. more for the long term and fun. OK. Intimate contact is part of it, but it shouldn't just be that and nothing else. I would love to go to warmer places now that I have been relieved of my menopausal complaints, I’m fond of swimming and going to the beach. On the beach I prefer to wear a bikini rather than a bathing suit. But for a bikini your figure has to be in form, so breasts and buttocks should attract attention and not the belly. I managed that well and I feel that the pills have helped me with that. If the gentlemen at the beach bar say goodbye beautiful girl while I'm 65, I can't complain about my appearance. Look, you can stand in front of the mirror and think you are stunning, but it's about what others think. I know from experience that the focus on the beach is mainly on your breasts and buttocks, especially in a bikini. So I have nothing to complain about;)

For the long term, I can advise every woman to go to the gym, not to lose weight excessively. A little baby fat is just part of it, and nourish your feminine forms with the supplements that are designed for that. If you are going for quick results in the last month before your summer vacation then you are not in the right place on this website. In such case only the cosmetic surgeon can be helpful, that also explains the hype of cheap implants in your buttocks in Turkey, I highly doubt sitting on it will feel nice. It is now also known that they start to sweat, that it is also risky. But you can also suck your belly fat and have it injected into your breasts and buttocks, all methods for the ladies with a lot of money and little patience. It's already strange that clients have to sign a document saying all risks are for the customer, if I have to remove my appendix, for example, I don't have to sign something like that. It doesn't matter what the consequences of the intervention are, it's up to you, nobody is responsible if things go wrong. These are all kinds of things that don't suit me, I already feel on thin ice. I follow a healthy diet, I feel good and I am satisfied with the results. In my case my tits pills are really part of it and after all my buttocks have also remained beautiful, so where I wanted to stay chubby I became even more chubby. That's what I call a happy end.


Wish you all the best!


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