I always had beautiful full breasts and a closet full of clothes and lingerie that were tailored to that. Not anymore unfortunately. It started with my pregnancy when my breasts became more than 2 cup sizes bigger, I went from D to F. That was too big for my lingerie and also for most tight dresses etc. The only advantage it had was that I always looked sexy, even without a bra.

After the delivery of my kids I breastfed and all this time it remained an F cup. Although I did have my normal figure again after about 6 months. I had read that by breastfeeding you would get your old figure back faster. That's why I did it longer and it was possible because I did my activities at home I didn't have to go to work. My husband made enough for both of us and didn't think it was necessary for me to go to work. By the way, he was delighted with my size F, saying, you can never have too many and I was doing well.

I breastfed for almost 1 year and then stopped, within 1 month my breasts slowly got smaller, I thought they go back to D Cup what I had before pregnancy. Unfortunately, they kept getting smaller until I finally got a C cup and worse it became a weak C. Well, I was really not happy with that and I had not taken that into account. Now my lingerie doesn't fit anymore, at least it didn't look like the same filling for my bikini range 2 years ago, I could cry.

My husband comforted me by saying you're still attractive or it's not that important, but normally he was always playing with them and when he stops I knew enough. I cautiously suggested trying implants, but he was really against that, he says; did you miss the news about the misery with implants. So I went on the internet a bit and read what to expect. Even if those things do not leak then they sweat, and all kinds of substances enter your body that do not belong in it. I have read that news, which is no longer news, including the stories here on the blog. I've decided that I'm going to try the pills, I still want to do something to make my breasts more full and the sexy look that goes with it. With a bit of luck, everything will fit as it was. So I ordered my 1st cure in the hope of blessing I'd say.

Best wishes,


Translated by Interactivated bv