Dear readers, I would like to contribute something to this website by explaining how our breasts grow and decrease whilst dieting. First of all, the percentage of fat in your breasts largely determines the look and volume of your breasts, so both shape and firmness depend on this percentage. Effective weight loss will, unfortunately, at first lead to a decrease of breast volume, because the fat tissue in the breasts is the lightest stored fat in the body. Very unfortunate for so many among us that our breasts disappear first whilst losing weight. Moreover, losing a lot of weight quickly is not without risk. You will have to eat a healthy and varied diet during your slimming period.

Beef, fish, vegetables, and fruit contain essential ingredients to keep your body healthy whilst dieting. Moreover, these essential nutrients are not the first to increase your fat level. Your typical shapes are due to the estrogen levels your body develops, starting at your first period as a girl. Maintaining your feminine shapes depends on the maintenance dose that your body produces up until menopause. It is also logical that it becomes difficult for women after menopause to maintain their sexy forms. Phytoestrogens can contribute to maintaining full, sexy breasts.

These plant estrogens can contribute to the reduction of menopausal complaints such as night sweats and daily hot flashes. Without a doubt, these herbal ingredients in the breast tablets play a key role in maintaining our feminine curves. I also use breast pills because I have experienced a positive influence on my buttocks and breasts myself while slimming. I also have more energy when I use them. I have to say that I use the cure over a longer period of time. Using them for just a few weeks won't help much. After all, it took me 6 years to develop my breasts in my teenage years, so there is no reason to expect that there is a wonder pill that can reproduce this breast development in just a couple of weeks.

Standing in front of the mirror every day to see if my breasts are growing is also useless. You can't see a girl's breast growing either. That's why I recommend keeping a new perfectly fitting bra and to never wash it, never wear it and only put it on once a month, in order to see the progress. This is the only method that will give insight into the growth of your breasts. The same goes for your buttocks, do not use stretch Jeans, but regular one that fits tightly around your buttocks. After all, you do not want to lose weight and remain with a flat butt, do you?;)

Best wishes to all of you,

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