Dear fellow sufferers,

Let me start straight to the point; I find that my breasts are too small and actually, I can't really accept it, depending on the situation. On the beach it is harder to accept being the gray mouse than in the cinema, for example. Of course, I thought for a long time about breast augmentation, but actually, I missed my calling, I should have become an investigator. I was about to go see the surgeon when one night I did some investigation. Let me tell you how long the female breast tampering has been going on and how it went. Keep in mind that it was always doctors who performed these experiments on women who, like us today, view the doctor as a confidant. After all, you think it's normal to show him or her your breasts and even put the knife in them without any medical necessity. Well, that's something. When a construction worker whistles at us we are often more affected, while this is an innocent phenomenon without any consequences. Well, we have learned nothing in that area from the past 125 years, we are apparently still as naive as we were more than 1 century ago.

At the end of the 19th century, doctors already started experimenting with female breasts. Initially with the direct injection of animal fat. The terrible inflammations caused by these actions at the time caused almost unbearable pain to the women in question, many did not survive. Those who did survive had the interventions to remove as much animal fat as possible from the breasts again by cutting, picking, rinsing, etc. So mutilated breasts without any erotic beauty left. But if you are killed by a doctor, it is seen as a business accident and not a murder.

Attention ladies! we learned nothing from the past, we are still signing a note that if we get any problems of any kind from our fake show boobs, that we can never hold the doctor or company the clinic accountable. We ourselves would be to blame. Well ladies, now that we are a little further in time of the destruction of our body and apparently it goes on forever. Worth mentioning, the injecting of animal fat was the first LIPO FILLING, now it's the hype to use your own fat for sexy buttocks and breasts, sucked from your belly. This seems super safe, but how do the stem cells relate in a strange location, and how sterile does transport take place via the equipment to suction, to get rid of residual liquids such as blood and to fill the syringes and suppose that there is fat or blood? Remains of the previous customer in the equipment have been left behind and now end up in your body, in busy circumstances in dubious clinics, which reimburse the airfare and the hotel and let you stay in a sunny place where you can chat on the terrace with ladies that wish to experience the same miracle. One is not yet outside or the other lady is already undressing, because it is her turn 20 minutes later, I wonder who has disinfected the equipment in the 20 minutes in between.

Now the discovery of the Silicones, the rise, and fall. Then again the rise of the silicone implants, during the fall the rise of the soy and olive oil filled implants is heavily carcinogenic, but it doesn't matter, you signed anyway. We will go into it later, sad side effect is now strictly legal. If you shoot someone you will face a long prison sentence, If you mutilate thousands of women by infected breasts, you go free, industrial accident. Read PIP implants, among other things well back at the lesson. It gets interesting.

At the beginning of the 20th century the silicones were invented, the experimentation with this really dangerous premature release oily substance, which was actually intended for very different applications continued. In Japan, the doctors of death were there, fast as chickens, to inject this oil into the breasts with the most horrible side effects of course. Yet it quickly spread to the West, because experimentation is apparently a very contagious competence and you earn a lot of money with little investment. At least that was the thought. It was irrelevant that the lives of the patients (customers) could be destroyed or even ended by injecting industrial silicone oil. It is obvious that these practices came to an end within a few years. Not that they stopped injecting liquids, they started injecting water, and all kinds of variations of liquid substances, of course with consequences. I can do this after the follow-up experiments can't figure out but olive oil and soy oil were also injected, of course with disastrous consequences for the ladies in question. The pouch filled with silicone oil was invented around 1960.

Well, fantastic, so the implant, the implantation of this novelty started with renewed enthusiasm. No one ever thought these bags would rupture or leak, they were still filled with silicone oil that is definitely toxic to the human body. Thousands of victims further, the FDA banned the silicone oil-filled pouches as being unsuitable for insertion into the body. Again the modified butchers called doctors were not punished. It feels like a James Bond story with, a license to kill. It seems that the perpetrators didn't have more education than 6 years of primary school, because an internist or a modern general practitioner would of course never have started this kind of idiocy.

Several decades later, the implants would now be safe and no more tearing and no more silicone would get into the body so the insertion of the silicone-filled pouches continued. The implants filled with vegetable oil also came on the market, called to be super safe and invented by women for women. Well, what could go wrong with vegetable oil. Never anyone who had tried the shelf life of vegetable oil at 36 degrees if you shake it 24 hours a day. And this substance is of course an ideal breeding nest for microbes, especially at 36 degrees Celsius. In any way turning the contents into something you don't want in your body, these implants turned out to be carcinogenic, even if they didn't rupture, they would sweat. Just like the silicone implants sweat. That was far from demonstrable, so all the complaints of the women who had breast implants and who received complaints of various kinds were not demonstrably related to breast enlargement. For years they ran into a wall of incomprehension and were even suspected of Munchausen syndrome. This syndrome is about people inventing diseases to attract attention. It is very rare for women to have fallen in love with a doctor and find ways to come to the office as often as possible. These are only a few cases per country per year, so when thousands of women feel miserable after breast augmentation mentioning it's this syndrome is also ridiculous.

A friend of mine has had PIP implants, inserted in a hospital, she could shower 3 times a day and she always smelled like sweat. This took years before they finally took her seriously because the PIP drama really made the news as being life-threatening. They took out the implants and put new ones in. Now she is in a wheelchair. She is too weak to walk. The myth that after explantation the drama is over is not true. I once had silicone spray on the windshield of my car, it should have been on the hood but the guy in question forgot to cover the windshield. When using the wipers it seemed like it was foggy. My husband, who has all the chemicals in stock for his job, thought that would take it off. Not so, not with Thinner, not with Gasoline, not with Alcohol, finally after a long period of polishing with pure Acetone there was an improvement in the cleaning. How do they get the idea that once they have removed the leaking implants, everything is fine again? How should your body break this down, you are full of it, the silicone molecules are all over your body. Drinking Acetone? Not the one with which you remove the nail polish, no it should be 100% pure Acetone, because that turns out to be the only thing silicone can't stand.

Fortunately, there is now a method, the Platinum screen test, if implants leak or sweat, Platinum enters your system, this heavy metal also ends up in your hair and is then demonstrably present in your body. Even if they don't leak, just place an implant on dry newspaper in a safe at 36 degrees and after a few years you will see a grease stain. This grease stain is made of silicone molecules, and this stain also contains Platinum. In short, the safe breast implant still does not exist. I'm going to try the breast pills under the name of benefit, they certainly do not harm. I work in healthcare by the way.

Best wishes to you all,



Translated by Interactivated bv.