Dear readers,

Again, a small contribution about my soft erotic party's. I believe that full, firm breasts are a must have there, that's why I continue writing about it in this blog.

Before we were blessed with children, my husband and I regulairly visited erotic party"s. We always enjoyed the thrill of being seen and watching others. A big part of the excitement already occured before the party, looking for a sexy outfit to wear. And during the events we always saw so many different people; many ladies with large breasts, often silicones. So I happened to feel proud about my natural large breasts. Not oversized, but big enough and full. I often wore sexy lingerie, or dresses that showed my cleavage. My husband loved it.

Within the next few months those parties will be impossible anyway, due to Corona, but when it all starts again, we would love to go to those parties again. I still have those party dresses, however...those full breasts are gone unfortunately, pregnancies left their traces. Dresses with deep cutouts won’t show my full cleavage anymore, just flabby and pendulous breasts. My most sexy dress is a corset dress, with laçage on the back and a toppless front...I only wore it once, super exciting it was. Unfortunately it looks a lot less sexy nowerdays.

I’m not sure if I ever dare to wear such a dress if we will go again. In any case, I feel quite insecure about it. I would love to enjoy such parties again, whilst having my natural full breasts back again and the ability to wear such a dress and high heels. Silicones is not an option for me, because of health risks. Though, I hope the natural way will work, with supplements, so I will feel confident again. On this website I read realistic stories of woman that wish the same, no empty promises from the supplier’s side. I desperately hope that it will work for me. It would be a shame if I wouldn’t be able to wear the sexy corset dress ever again, wouldn’t it?

Translated by Interactivated bv