When I started looking for reviews of woman looking for breast enlargement with natural supplements, this was one of the first websites that I found. I recognized myself in many of their stories. Just like them, I'm looking for some help in developing beautiful and natural push-up for my breasts. Improving in size is not a must-have (I currently have a C-cup). , but it would definately be a nice to have. However, most of all I wishing to have a full cup again with firmer breasts.
My husband and I have a fetish for lingerie, especially erotic lingerie. It takes in an important place in our relationship and sexlife. He surprises me often with the most sexy ligherie and dresses. I always loved to show how it looks on me. However, these items look much better when nicely filled, especially all the feminine curves, he loves it.
As many woman here, I feel insecure about my breasts. After giving birth and breastfeeding, they lost their firmness and volumn. They became real mommy boobs and don't fill most of my lingerie anymore. Imagine a tight corset with open cups, nice nylons, high heels, super sexy and then...sagging breasts... My partner keeps picking these beautiful sets of lingerie, he doesn't really see the issue. But I want to feel sexy and beautiful.
So I'm using this product for myself and hopefully my breasts will look fuller and firmer after using these supplements for a while. And even though he's not complaining. I'm sure he would love to buy me a cup D size piece soon. I'm not sure if a cupsize larger will be within reach with, but I'm keeping high hopes and I think I'm on the right way with this product.

Best wishes Nayomie

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