Hello everyone. I recognize myself in the previous post, I think I am through menopause because I don't have periods anymore. What I do have are those horrible hot flashes and a cork dry vagina. I'm glad I don't have to put in tampons anymore because that would just hurt too much. You can grease them with olive oil, but then they won't absorb any more moisture, that seems like a useless act. I ordered the breast pills in a quiet moment without hot flashes, because when I have them I don't think about anything. I feel them rise in my stomach and then the feeling goes up until I have a bright redhead. Then I start to perspire. Look, at such moments I definitely don't order breast pills, I did that at a quiet moment without any hindrance from my menopausal complaints, of course not against my hot flashes and not against a dry vagina.

I started it because, like the lady in the previous post, I had the idea that my breasts had become saggier during menopause. I'm not single so I wasn't happy with the change in my figure. By the way, it wasn't just my breasts that lost their shape, my hair was thinning, it seemed that my skin was a bit looser than before, all kinds of things started to irritate me about myself. Actually, I longed for the time when I was still menstruating, the woman that say "I'm so glad I got rid of that" didn't apply to me because the disadvantages were 10 times worse than the advantage of not having your period anymore. OK. 7 days of changing pantyliners several times a day, slightly swollen breasts, well you know it. Well, I crave it when I compare it to the hot flashes and the horror nights when I wake up sweaty and have to take a shower. I slept on 3 bath towels to keep my mattress dry. Awful.

Of course, I've tried every possible nonsense product, well I can tell you everything you see on the T.V. seeing commercials is the biggest bullshit, none of that nonsense works. Anyway, I ordered the breast cure, never in my life expected my hot flashes to go away with this product. There is no indication anywhere on the instructions that menopausal symptoms completely disappear. However, after 2 months I really, honestly, did not suffer from anything anymore. I thought I'll continue with it, even if it doesn't do anything for my breasts, I haven't felt this good for years and it's not all between my ears. If you sleep through the night, you're fitter, that's logical right?

After 4 months I noticed that my vagina also started to get back to normal moisture. I sent an email to the manufacturer with my experiences and it turned out to be the case with all customers of this product that the vagina reacts positively to the use of the product that is actually intended to stimulate the breasts. I can tell you it is a blessing for me and for my husband.

Best wishes,

Mrs Janssen.

Translated by Interactivated bv