Hello everyone, I'm Mariska.

I have a simple wish, I would like to have more beautiful breasts. I used to have them, but over the years, something went wrong. From the age of 38, they started to get a little loose, slowly turning into these loopy sacks I have now. I also lost weight, which apparently makes matters even worse. Now I have loose skin under my arms, under my chin, on my stomach, my buttocks, etc... It is seemingly everywhere.

The problem is, I noticed it on my face too. I know this is natural as we grow older, but I can’t believe how drastic the difference is after slimming down. People think that when they lose weight, they’ll always look better, but it’s just not the case. The excess skin is ridiculously hard to handle both physically and emotionally. Thankfully I’ve been able to share my stories with others in our small online community here and realized that I was not the only one suffering from this problem. Many of us here struggle with their breast size, and I hope that together, it is possible to overcome this problem.

Most stories share the same details, we all want to improve, and we don’t want to have surgery for that. I am going to try this product, and I am really curious what it's all about. I don’t expect to have great results anytime soon, but as I've understood from all the information that other women shared here, there is a chance. That is all I need, a chance to turn back the clock just a little bit and enjoy my new physique. I am not sure if this product will be the solution I’ve been waiting for, but I have an open mind, and ready to be proven wrong.

I do not expect to have bigger breasts than I ever had before, I just want what was already mine, before I turned 38. The same size I already had, and with much less sagginess. That is the size my daughter has now, and considering the fact she inherited my genes, who knows… Maybe we can turn this thing around. I am still menstruating with regularity, and I feel my body is still capable of great things. We’ll see how it goes, and I can promise you that I will share my experiences along the way. Congratulations to all of you, who made the brave decision of not giving up. Greetings, Mariska.

*Translated by Interactivated bv