A patient came about halfway through surgery to see a room full of countertops, pots, pans, dishes, coffee cups, and a lot of knives and forks. It was as if the staff thought they could organise a picnic during the surgery. This is obviously not a usual story, but there are thousands of patients who had similarly negative experiences. For some reason, cosmetic surgeries are not always held to the same high standards as traditional procedures. When you are going under the knife, you want to be in a safe and sterile environment while capable professionals are looking after you. This isn't always the case, and when a specialist doesn’t even realise that the anaesthesia wasn’t sufficient, the whole procedure can turn into a shocking, and maybe even tragic incident. Luckily, the doctor in this story was stripped off his license and isn’t allowed to operate anymore.

Apart from this unusual yet terrifying story from the surgery room, there are some other unpleasant stories associated with the industry.

Implant Problems

In another case, a patient felt a strange bump in her breast after surgery, which turned out to be a malfunctioning implant that started to leak. The doctor thought that he would get away with it, but luckily, that is not what happened. Sometimes the implants themselves are not viable for surgery, and the medical staff has to check them thoroughly. If there is a malfunctioning item, they have to replace it. Brazil was known for its cheap and quick cosmetic surgeries for a while, but it all changed in the last decade when more and more horror stories came to light. If you are ever offered a cosmetic surgery for the laughable price of $300, say thanks, but no thanks. It’s not worth it. Even $1000 for such a procedure is suspiciously cheap. I personally don’t recommend implants to anybody, but if you are going to do it, do it at a reputable clinic that is not cheap. Since you will have those implants for at least 10 years, cheap is not the quality you should be looking for.

Larger Breasts Thanks to a 100% Natural Pill?

Yes, I think it is possible! You don’t have to rely on dangerous procedures in order to have big breasts. There is legitimate science behind these products, but they will not work for everyone. Every single human body is unique, and what works for some, may not – and in fact, will not – work for everyone. This is also true for approved drugs, of course, but even more true for natural products that were made using only organic ingredients. The problem with these products is the lack of transparency, and the ridiculous claims. Several of these brands use ingredients that are considered healthy, but show no visible physical changes. They make you feel better, but they will not increase the size of your breasts, even though they flat-out guarantee it. Avoid those products, and try to find the ones that offer benefits that are more realistic.