Letter from one of our customers: Not satisfied with the results of your breast enhancement pills

Re: Complaint about your breast enhancement pills

Today a letter was passed on to me from the administration, with the request to answer it to the best of my knowledge. No advertising nonsense, because whomever still believes this is ripe for a mental institution...

Well here i am, as if it's nothing, with an email from a client who is clearly unhappy with the results she achieved after taking the Natural push up breast enhancement tablets for 9 months every day.


Complaint about Breast enlargement pills - Up and downsides:

Breast enhancement tablets

I start first with analyzing her mail thoroughly to also find the positive sides of her story and find out why the negatives out weigh the positives for her. The customer says the following; On your leaflet i am being welcomed to the worlds best natural breast enlargement product. OK it's not there literary, but this is how it's apparently being perceived.

And what does that mean "The world's best breast enhancement pill"? That can be answered after a series of laboratory 'in-vitro' tests, on human cell lines we test the active ingredients for a receptor binding affinity. After that you inject female mammals for these substances and see what effects they establish on the breast size of these animals. But that goes to far to explain in full detail in this letter... Her complaint; "I am now taking your breast enhancement pills for 9 months every day and did not achieve more than changing my teabags (B-cup) into a full and firm B-cup.


"I did not get further than a very full and firm B-Cup"

Breast enhancement pills 

O.k, so it is a beautiful, full and firm B-cup, even the saggines at the top is now round and firm, absolutely no teabags anymore. But i have bought this product as "Breast enlargement tablets" and that is not the result i have achieved. A small C-cup maybe because they became fuller but after 9 months this client had clearly expected to have a few cup sizes more from our so called pills for bigger breasts. And that is clearly not the case.

She did however experience darkening of the areolas, suffered from itchy nipples and so on, she expected these were signs a DD was just around the corner. Unfortunately not. The saggy B cup became a full and firm B cup. Not substantial bigger cup sizes as she had always been dreaming about. 

We are sorry ladies, but we just cannot deliver magic. Our breast care product gives you firmer and more beautiful breasts, isn't that already a very beautiful little miracle without any operations? Pure natural!


Breast enhancement pills: Every 3 minutes a new pill on the market.

 Borstvergroting pillen 


It is difficult to reply to this type of email. First of all, the best product in the world of natural breast enhancement is difficult to answer to as every 3 minutes someone jumps out of his bed with the idea that today he will make a start of his fortune with the magic pill for bigger breasts. Next they stir up a mix of ingredients that are sworn to make your boobs grow quickly. It goes so fast that also for us it's hard to keep up and check all of them. Every 3 minutes someone jumps out of bed or from the toilet with the success formula on pills for bigger breasts.


Laboratory tests on Pills for bigger breasts:

In the past 20 years we have tested hundreds of products from competitors on active ingredients, with the saddest outcomes. However, testing something new every 3 minutes, that we can't do. And we are simply not willing to finance a 3500 Euro research every time someone again things he received the "Eureka" formula from god while being under influence of mind altering substances. As you will probably understand it's simply impossible to test everything, and it quickly turns into a hopeless excersize seeing one after the other containing mainly zinc or calcium, or a combination of both.


We thanked our customer for reaching out to us and she can expect several free boxes of NPU and the message that she will never reach her F-cup with the Natural Push UP tablets. However, every body responds to these breast tablets and every body responds with different results. The results one woman achieved are no guarantee for another woman. Our breast growth pills, if you want to call them that, do something beneficial for every woman, but for no woman the same.


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