There is range of options that can help you increase your breast size without medical intervention. Your hormone production can be stimulated, and a higher level can have many positive benefits. Do you have a partner who appreciates your breasts? If the answer is yes, you can ask him or her to participate with massages that give extra attention to your nipples, helping improve the blood flow.

By stimulating the nipples, you also stimulate the gland tissue, and after some exciting hours, these factors often can trigger an overproduction of oestrogen. When the excess hormone is not recognised by the feedback mechanism, your bosom and buttocks grow. The latter nowadays is just as important as big breasts. Your breasts become even fuller and additional growth in the gland tissue occurs, making it bigger.

Larger Breasts above the Age of 20? It’s possible!

If you are over twenty, this method can still work, but the chances of succeeding are lower than they would be for a sexually active, 17-18 year-old girl. You can still try it even if you are close to or above 30. If nothing else, it improves the blood flow, and that is already beneficial for your body. The gland tissue should always be stimulated, for the simple fact it gives roughly 40% of the breast’s size. If the breast is not massaged frequently, the gland tissue can lose some of its size, similarly to how a bodybuilder loses muscle mass when they are injured, and cannot continue their training.

Alternatively, you could always just gain weight, but unfortunately, if you do gain weight, everything will become bigger and thicker, not just the areas you would prefer. Some women are just extremely lucky genetically and have full and firm breasts even when their weight is lower. Fat injections are also a possibility. However, this procedure is not only costly but has its own risks, so most women would never do it.

Special Herbs Extracts for Breast Growth

Lastly, there are herb extracts that can theoretically increase the size of the breasts through a variety of – mostly hormonal – effects, but generally, these are the least effective methods. Why, you ask? Because in the vast majority of cases, they simply do not work. The medical world has some of the answers, but all too often staying quiet seems more beneficial. I also must admit that there is an alarming number of nonsensical recipes out there that promise breast enlargement despite being useless, or worse, dangerous. Around 98% of these products are complete bogus. Fenugreek is one of the few ingredients that can actually work, but in order to have a chance, you have to consume a high quantity, and then there are no guarantees. Well, other than eating something that is actually quite healthy and good for you.

There are certain extracts of dried herbs that can help you gain weight in certain areas, in a positive sense. Finding these products can help you turn your dreams into reality. With that said, don’t fall for the most expensive products. I wish you good luck in finding a serious brand. If you have big breasts but finding a good-sized bra is a pain in the behind, don’t hesitate to read our bra guide. Have fun and good luck with your journey.