I am thinking about trying out this product. I had a nice conversation with a young woman who used it and she sent me a long email message about her process with plenty of specifics and even some good advice. She also agreed that I can share it with you guys. Hopefully you will find it as refreshing as I did.

“Dear Jolanda, I’ve been keeping up with the treatment, but the results are still not there. I know you are thinking about trying this product, so here is my two cents on the topic. I have read all the blogs here and followed the guidelines. I’ve also talked to others who had a similarly uneventful experience, but there seems to be a group of women who had much better luck than we did. They described how they had an itchy feeling on their nipples, and some slight colour changes in the areolas. Then I remembered how I experienced similar signs during my puberty, right before my breasts grew. Although this product may not help me after all, I found reading all the advice and the personal stories to be very educational. This process doesn’t work for everyone, and even when it does work, it takes time, and I’m glad that others found their solution.

Looking back, I think many of us chase these dreams because of outside expectations. We want to look better because we think it's what's expected of us. Men for sure, would prefer if we looked a certain way, and that includes having big or even large breasts. Although breasts are a big part of a woman’s physical appearance, I know one thing, I do not want implants, ever. I have a girlfriend who did the surgery 2 years ago, only to see numerous complications. Her breast tissue was inflamed, and she had to take antibiotics and other drugs for over a year. She suffered a lot of skin damage as a result, and the scar looks a lot worse than it normally should. She ended up taking out the implants, and now she is looking for natural solutions. I told her that there are no guarantees, and I would advise anybody else to think carefully about what they read here or anywhere else on the internet. You have to draw your own conclusions, and a lot of this comes from personal experience. I have a critical approach, which I think works reasonably well in most cases.

If you have read everything on the website, you realize there is hope for bigger breasts, even with natural solutions. All you need is to select well from the jungle of suppliers that claim they can deliver on their promise. We know that about 98% of these suppliers lie or at least don’t give you the whole picture. What then? Believe the believable. Don’t fall for the crazy claims that were clearly written by professional scam artists. When a product promises unrealistic results, you can be sure that it is most likely bogus. Although this product didn’t work for me, I think it could work for others. For starters, they don’t promise unrealistic results. Products that state your breast will grow to size X or Y are all bogus, because no product can do that. Even when it works, you don’t know how much your breasts will grow. Only implants can achieve specific volumes of breast enlargement, but as I said earlier, those procedures are dangerous. If you already ordered six bottles of a specific product and nothing happened, you should realize that it probably won’t work, but don’t give up after the first one. Either way, choose wisely, and be optimistic.”

This was her whole message, which I found to be rather realistic, but still somewhat encouraging. I hope others will find solace in the fact that they are not alone in their struggle, and hopefully we can all find a solution that is right for us.