Share your secret with me. Have you tried a brand that actually worked? Other than ours, of course. Let me tell you, ours has earned itself a good reputation over the years. If women didn’t see any changes, they wouldn’t order six bottles over a period of eight months. However, forget our product for a moment, I have a question for you. Do you find it strange that there are hundreds of breast enlarging pill brands currently sold on the market? Ask yourself the question, if none of these worked, would women continue to order them? If not, would the market have any reason to operate?

Breast Enlarging Extracts are Expensive

There are some hyped brands that work – although never for everybody -, but the extracts are usually far too expensive. Other products aren’t worth the trouble. Most breast enlargement pills are sold on shady websites, promising immediately visible and lasting results. Ridiculous claims, of course, because these statements are simply biologically unsustainable. Nevertheless, desperate women still buy them. Cheap products are popular as well, because even though 99,9% don’t work, at least they are cheap. Consequently, women don’t really feel like they are making a mistake, because it’s a small sum. In my opinion, $1 is still one dollar too many, especially when it feeds the scam artists who are out there, ruining the reputation of the whole industry. Although most bad products are cheap, there are also medium-priced brands that are also quite useless. Some of these contain one or two valuable ingredients just to make it look like they are of high quality. However, they usually contain these ingredients in such small amounts that they cannot possibly be effective.

Growth Isn’t Always Enough

Sometimes a product works to an extent and adds volume to a breast, but if this isn’t combined with firmness, it may make matters worse. Most women actually prefer having firmer breasts, and that is especially true for women between the ages of 30 and 40. Younger women want larger breasts, mostly because they feel it benefits the way they look. A revealing bikini on the beach while having fun with their friends? A familiar scene for these young women.

Fuller Breasts Fill Out Certain Dresses

If you want to remind men that you exist, bigger breasts are probably the way to go, especially since half of all men apparently have a mother complex. For women between the ages of 30 and 40, the goals are different. They want to wear their evening party dress occasionally, and yes, they would prefer to have larger and firm breasts, but if they had to choose just one , they would go with firmness every time. Some dresses simply do not look good on softer breasts, whereas fuller, sturdier bosoms complement every dress, not to mention that they look good in the sauna or at a wellness club. We can deny these facts all day even though we know, women – as well as men – prefer to have or see firm breasts. If they are quite big, that’s the cherry on top. If this blog post has reminded you of yourself, or you simply have a story to share, we are looking forward to hearing from you.