Is Natural breast enhancement a myth or a real possibility? Many women want to get bigger breasts naturally, but few ever succeed. Genetics obviously plays a big part, but what are the other influencing factors? Right now, this dream is only a reality for very few women. The reason: 98% of all available remedies or tips are useless to a greater of lesser extent. There are chest muscle exercises, but they only work in women who already have a solid A-cup and the kind of breasts that sits nicely in the middle of the chest. Women, who have larger and lower breasts, cannot rely on these solutions. They train, without ever achieving the desired results. These women also give up on possible success formulas very quickly and forget about their dreams of looking and feeling good in a bikini.

Others try one or more herbal remedies, all containing phytoestrogens. Even gold-standard formulas can backfire, and, instead of producing natural breast enlargement, they have no effect, or worse, cause adverse side effects. The sad truth is that about 98% of these remedies do not work, period.

Fenugreek in Large Dosages May Help, but Probably Won’t

Fenugreek often comes up in articles and blog posts providing natural breast enlargement solutions. There could be something to it, but you would have to eat or drink an insane amount of it, which is certainly not recommended. As a result, in the vast majority of cases, fenugreek gets you nowhere in terms of added breast volume, as most of the time breasts do not respond at all. This is still one of the better herbs from an overall health perspective, mind you, just not for breast enhancement purposes.

Unfortunately, most natural remedies have the same effect or lack thereof. A blind placebo test into the effects of multiple remedies even showed that they do not work. There are at least 100 remedies on the market, all promising some kind of breast enhancement, and although some have positive effects on the skin, hair or digestion, they will not enhance anyone’s breast size. Sadly, most of them don’t work

At the Same Time, Some Products Show Promise

Natural breast enlargement appears to be the Holy Grail of the industry. They want to create products that work and do not cause side effects, but in their search for the key, they damage the reputation of the few products that may produce real results. Women who have continuously been trying to get results are on the internet by reading forums and social media to find such elusive and effective methods, have ended up entirely disillusioned.

Understandably, they vent and bash every bad product that did not work, but unfortunately, all natural breast-enhancing products are tarnished with the same brush, and that is not right. Around 2% of natural breast enhancing products have real effects on the breast tissue, but they too are sucked into this vicious cycle along with the rest. There are alternatives to implants, and you have to trust your instincts on that one. Good luck on your search, ladies.