When it comes to research, there is plenty of material on breast augmentation. You can read different perspectives, watch videos on available techniques, and maybe even find legitimate educational content on how you can obtain larger and preferably firmer breasts. From scientifically proven facts through moderately viable alternatives and surgical procedures such as liposuction, you can read up on every topic imaginable. Unfortunately, sometimes women do achieve an increase in size, but they end up with sagging breasts, which may make matters even worse.

Pills against Sagging Breasts

We usually see this phenomenon after slimming down, or after breastfeeding. The surface of the skin remains the same, but its contents shrink. The gland tissue loses its volume and the fat decreases, and the beautifully full breasts suddenly sink a little, losing their perkiness. Hop flower is one of the many natural ingredients containing advantageous qualities for breast enlargement. One company uses hop extracts in their breast enlargement product, so I emailed them about it. Hop flower indeed has an effect like that, and surprisingly some breweries use the same extract in their beer, Brewers simply select the extract for its bitter taste and health benefits. The breast enlargement effect comes from 8-Prenylnaringenin (8-PN), which is a substance with a strong estrogenic effect to which the breast gland tissue often responds. This is actually not something beer manufacturers want, because it can also impact male customers, who are obviously the primary target group for beer consumption. Consequently, they do extensive testing for hop species to meet all the brewers’ requirements. They then select the lowest possible content of these feminizing substances.

Beer Is Probably Not the Answer

Since beer was not the answer I was looking for, I continued my research. I started to pay more attention to what people wrote on the internet, which is probably not always a good idea, but at least you have a large sample size that you can work with. I ended up on a website selling breast enlargement pills. The company appeared to be quite well versed in the art of deception, attracting women who are not happy with their breasts.

Whether they were not happy because of the size or the lack of firmness didn’t seem to matter at all, both types frequented this site. This dealer sells their stuff in large quantities, particularly in states where hundreds of thousands of women deemed their breast-enhancing agent to be the best in the world. But I haven’t found any official lists or even a professional recommendation that would confirm this irrationally confident statement, not to mention the bogus sales number.

The problem with these breast-enlarging pills is that they often promise immediate and lasting results, which is pure nonsense of course. You only get immediate results with aesthetic surgical procedures, and they come with many dangers, yet cannot promise you a certain look, because it depends on tissue elasticity and healing ability. The reason why I’m doing all this research is because I am also not satisfied with my breasts.

They are kind of hanging, but not drippy enough to put them under the knife. I’m also not sure if I want all the associated risks. Apart from the hanging effect, I am actually quite satisfied with my breasts, and I often get compliments. My nipples are not too big, not too small, and not too dark, which is a good thing. Both of my breasts are the same size, which is actually rare. Overall, I’m not complaining, but they could be more attractive. Still, they are nice enough to say no to surgery, and can just experiment with these natural products.

I Want Them to Be Bigger

Again, I have nice enough breasts, but you know how it goes, we are never fully satisfied. I want a natural product that does not try to sell me lies. I don’t want to lie either. Men often feel fooled when they unpack a pair of breasts, only to realise that it was the push-up magic. Other natural methods might work too. Breast muscle training for example, what a fun way to do exercise! Women are often afraid of resistance training, but it is actually a good way to improve our stance, and just generally get a little healthier. In my case, my breasts are perfectly located for muscle training, to make sense.

When it comes to research, there is plenty of material on breast augmentation.

I Found a Product That May Work

It’s not a secret that I am a sceptic. Nevertheless, I’ve just ordered my first bottle of breast enhancement pills. I am still young and menstruate regularly, which may help increase my chances. According to the manufacturer's information, this product can help a wide variety of women. We’ll see. Most of us want breast enlargement with natural products, and I hope that my research will work out for me, but also for you.

I realize that my story was a little bit long, but I figured you would rather read a long story if it meant receiving valuable information on the go. I really think that we should not believe the ridiculous claims because if they were true, everyone would know about them. If a product could really work such wonders for everyone, it would rule the world. There are quality products out there, but no miracle methods. They don’t turn sagging breasts into extra perky mega bosoms in less than 30 days, or ever for that matter.

Cosmetic operations often work, but they leave nasty scars and nipples that become too sensitive or not sensitive enough, depending on which nerves were affected by the surgery. Women, often do crazy things for beauty to become more attractive, but if you decide to do the same, try to rely on solid information, and maybe other people’s personal experiences and recommendations. In any case, I wish you good luck.