The miracle of the exaggerated terms about natural breast enhancement:

While all decent brands are expressing themselves carefully, not to give any false hope or seduce you into an impulse purchase without having looked into the matter, unfortunately this is definitely not everywhere the case..


How fast can the breasts develop?

The female body only knows 1 growing speed for the breasts, 2 speeds if we also count pregnancy. During puberty it takes up to 5 years to go from absolutely nothing to the end result in cup size. For every woman that end result is different, varying from a small A-cup to sometimes even a huge G-cup. This is the first time for women that the breasts start developing..

Bigger breasts during pregnancy:

The second time that the breasts start to develop is during the pregancy. Also in these 9 months the results from one woman to another are very different. From an A cup to a C cup is very common, and also going from a B cup to a full dubble D is not uncommon. Also in this period the results of the increase in breast size are very different.

groei van borsten gedurende zwangerschap 


Wonder substances for bigger breasts: 

With amazement we read about the pots of "natural pills" that offer the most promising results, with terms such as "in no-time" added, which surely means in a few weeks, right? A DD cup, no matter what cup size we started with apparently, because no further details are mentioned regarding this.

Then there are the bust maxx and bosom booster products that should be rubbed on the breasts. As a result you can expect multiple extra cup-sizes within 24 hours! The world wide web is flooded with products carrying such terms as bigger breasts, volume breasts, Giga enhancement, DD breasts, huge breast enhancement effects. Your girlfriends will be jealous at you and all men will be turning their heads on the beach in awe of your impressing bosom. Well, doesn't that really sound too good to be through?

Ik wil grotere borsten

Powerfull terms about bigger breasts:

Admiring looks of men on the beach will befall you ladies. All other women will be jealous! When such stories are written with a product we can be quit sure that we are dealing with confused people that simply want to push their product to the market no matter what. Apparently thinking that this segment is for the ignorant.


Natural breast enhancement pills:

We from Natural Push Up do not deliver anything in a jar. Even if, it only would be to not have any optical similarity to such products. NPU delivers something very different. Also, we do not write terms on our products about huge increases of breast sizes, let's just stick with our goal to mimic the process that occurred during puberty, this is already a small miracle from nature we can be happy with, without trying to tempt you with any absurdness. We are no citizens of Jurassic Park.

For the ladies under 40 who still menstruate on a regular base we also deliver the Advanced Forte Formula, this group of women and girls that are still far away from menopause can take this extra powerful formula without worries for 9 months or more.

Once you are satisfied with the achieved results you will go back to a lower maintenance dosage. Let's not promise anything abnormal. Firm, full breasts, more is possible but with patience. We cannot deliver any wonders, just make available to you this small miracle of nature.