To easy; Just take some hops and you will get the same results as breast enhancement pills for firmer and bigger breasts.

The reality is that there are over 200 types of hops, almost all of them are specifically cultivated for the beer industry. These have a high bitterness. The higher the bitter value, the less hop will be needed by the brewer and the lower the costs per liter of beer will be. As a supplement for fuller and bigger breasts however, the bitterness has absolutely no value for the breast enhancement product. Worst even, if too many bitter agents are added these will upset the stomach, leading to nausea and vomiting!

Ingredients of hops that do have an influence on your breasts are the so called "Prenyflavonoiden", specifically the Prenylnaringenine. In tests these have shown a significant receptor binding affinity. This brings the stimulating effects for the breasts glandular tissues which take up about 40% of the contents in the female bosom. And it's specifically these "Prenyflavonoiden" that are not commonly found in many hops. Very understandable as because of the feminizing effects they have, beer brewers ask their hop suppliers to do everything possible to keep the flavonoid values to an absolute minimum.

To guarantee its effects we use hops that have been especially cultivated with an, as high as possible, level of flavonoids and a minimum bitterness. Our hop is specifically cultivated in this way for our hop tablets. Next our hop is homogeneously mixed with fibers and various types of grains before we leave the granulate for 24 hours in an incubator, mixed with enough moisture to allow the last bitter agents to be absorbed by the fibers, making it tolerable for the stomach. Once ready the granulate is again homogeneously mixed with extracts that contain isoflavonoids, this way the pallet of excepients is completed. Now we have the raw material for manufacturing our hop tablets with all the fytho estrogenic ingredients that are helpful for your breasts, without an overdose of bitter agents.


Breast enhancement pills during or past menopause: 

After all these preparations we are not completely there yet, after all, solely estrogen activity can cause an increment of endometrial (uterine) mucus for women in- or after their menopause. If this process keeps going long enough it can even cause a menstrual bleeding for this group of women.

This is something we can avoid by adding "non estrogenic flavonoids", which is basically the opposite of "Phyto Estrogens". These specific 'non estrogens' are delivered in the form of melting tablets which are delivered free of charge with every order of Natural Push Up breast enlargement pills.

The melting tablets are to be used for women of all ages that use our product. For ladies in or after menopause 1 tablet per 2 days is placed under the tong until fully dissolved. Younger women can take 1 melting tablet per day. It is necessary to pack these non estrogenic flavonoids separately as these delicate ingredients are not resistant to stomach acids. Swallowing them whole would simply render them useless..

Spotting with women in or past menopause:

When the melting tablets do their work to well (which happens and is different with each person) then more uterine mucus will be broken down than is being created. This causes something called "Spotting", an innocent phenomenon which shows that there is indeed more mucus broken down than there is being created.

The solution is very simple: Stop using the melting tablets until it disappears + 5 extra days. After that you start again and take one melting tablet per 3 days. In our experience the symptoms will be gone and stay away while keeping you protected against uterine mucus build up.

Approximately 1 in 200 women that use the Natural Push Up tablets experience these symptoms. Usually after a prolonged period of usage..


No effect on cell division:

None of the used flavonoids have the capacity to force cells to divide. Not in good nor bad cells. You can not fight anything with them, cannot cause or worsen anything. This is in contrast to true active hormones. Try to have peace with the knowledge that solely something that does nothing can be free from side effects.

It takes many years of *research to find the best combinations and eventually a proper and safe solution to offer in a thoroughly thought out dosage, having only a minimum off undesired side effects.



* All the mentioned research has been conducted by Phytogenix in the laboratories of the medical faculty of Utrecht. (The Netherlands)

* The ingredients in the duo treatment have been tested for quality by Phytogenix.

* Germ-free production facilities according to the GMP standardization: 

Non estrogenic flavones:

The melting tablets offered to you in combination with every package of breast enlargement pills contain specific non estrogenic flavonoids which could be helpful in the protection of cells and binding tissues which are sensitive to testosterone or the biological transfer of so called dehydrotestosteron (among others the head hairs follicles) and can be helpful in reducing over sensitivity reactions to hop products.

The melting tablets are therefor an indispensable complement to the hop tablets for the total treatment. It should be understood that such a duo breast care treatment can not be offered at the price of beer hops.



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