The secret: Firmer breasts with sport, massage and food supplements

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Doing sport with bigger breasts:

Doing sports with an A-cup without a bra is not a problem. Also, running in your t-shirt without anything under it will not be an issue for your breasts in this case. Girls and women with bigger cup sizes than a B cup however, have to take a more careful approach to their workout.

The heavier the breasts are, the bigger the stress will be on the binding tissues and the skin. For women with breasts starting at a full B-cup it is necessary to wear a strong sports bra which fits perfectly and offers the supports your bosom needs during the strong movements while jumping or running. A correct fit is essential, the bra can never be to small or pinch as this is simply unhealthy. The blood circulation through the breasts is not the best of the female body in the first place, and something that pinches will further obstruct the flow of blood (the food) of the already tender tissues in the breasts.

Breast massage for optimal blood flow through the breasts:

Massaging the breasts gently with olive oil is very good for an optimal blood flow through the breasts. Start from the armpit and move towards the middle of the breast or let your boyfriend, husband or girlfriend do this for you. From the armpit to the middle of the breasts and keep repeating this as long as you want. Rub only in the mentioned direction and never in the opposite direction, this actually gives the opposite effect and does not benefit the blood flow and natural enlargement of the breasts. 

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Exercises for bigger and fuller breasts with sports:

Women and girls with an A- or B-cup can train the breast muscles by pressing their arms together a little, a spring would offer the needed resistance. Do this daily a hundred times and the breast muscles will significantly increase with time. Especially for the small A-cup the effect becomes very noticeable. For a strong B-cup this exercise delivers optically easily an extra cup size within just a few months.

Women with a C-cup or bigger should absolutely not do this because these sizes already 'hang'. That is normally just about half or more below the breast muscle, therefor these exercises cause the formation of lumps on top of the breasts, above the breast muscles. This does not give a beautiful result and the breasts will not seem bigger because of this.

Excercises for bigger and more beautiful natural breasts: 


Massage crèmes for fuller, firmer breasts

Why does the "Natural Push Up" not sell massage cremes? Well the answer is fairly simple! Your breasts are being fed through the blood and not through the skin. If something would even penetrate the skin tissues it will then be stuck in the fatty tissues which form a natural airbag that protects the very delicate glandular tissues in the breasts. Bigger breasts with a creme is therefor absolutely a fairytale.

Massaging on itself delivers more result than any creme existing! We have discovered during laboratory research that many of such breast enlargement cremes contain damaging components for the health. Ranging from simply unhealthy to very dangerous chemicals.

NPU gives to her valued customers the simple knowledge that this doesn't work. And in our opinion, if something makes you sick when swallowing it also can not be good for your breasts. And even if it isn't harmful, it will not penetrate to the depth of the glandular tissues and can therefor not have any effects.

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Massaging the breasts with olive oil:

The ancient Farao's already used olive oil for their massage rituals, (which, by the way, you can also swallow and is even proven to be healthy for you). Olive oil is healthy and is a great massaging oil, good quality oils have a great aroma and it is an excelent breast care product for the skin. The massage itself, if done correctly, will deliver a breast enhancing effect.

Aside from that you can supplement this total treatment of sport and massage for bigger breasts with the correct hop extracts. These extracts can be found in the breast enhancement pills from The Natural Push Up. These contain all the natural supplements that are transported through the blood stream and reach the breast tissues through this way. There they contribute to maintaining and re-stimulating the volume that was developed during puberty.

Also a pregnancy can deliver an immens increase of the glandular tissues in the breasts. You can safely say that only nature, and the things that help nature a little are those things which are helpful if you desire beautiful, healthy bigger breasts..

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Saggy breasts:

When you don't use your legs for a year you will of course be left with far reduced muscle tissues. But what exactly do you do with your breasts every day? Well, nothing actually! They are more there as lust objects than what they are really meant for, producing milk. Without any other forms of stimulation the breasts will keep decreasing in size and firmness, unless you would gain many kilo's extra. When you become heavier you will replace the glandular tissues that disappear with fatty tissues, which also works perfect for firmer breasts. However, in most cases it is not what women see as the ideal method for natural breast enlargement. The only natural and safe way to fuller, firmer and more beautiful breasts without gaining wait are the 3 key ingredients; Sports, Massage, Food supplements (Hops especially). 

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Fuller breasts with breast growth pills - Will my tuchy also become bigger? 

The breast enhancement pills from the Natural Push Up have been composed in such a way that only the glandular tussies respond to them. This means that only the breasts become fuller and firmer, while the rest of the body stays the same. Just natural breast enlargement? Or solely natural breast firming? That difference completely depends on how long you will continue with the treatment. A firming / lifting effect will be the first noticable result, which can be further increased by continuing the daily ritual of sports, massage and supplements..


Thanks for reading!

We hope that these tips will help you fulfill your dream of more beautifull and bigger breasts. Just remember; Sports, massage and food supplements (hops). The holy trinity for more beautifull, firmer and eventually bigger breasts on a 100% natural way.

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