After breastfeeding my baby for a year, I started to see some changes in the breast department in terms of both firmness and volume. Do not get me wrong, I would not do anything differently for a variety of reasons! First, it helped my baby during her teething period for which I was very thankful, and of course, it was a beautiful bonding experience for the both of us. Still, my breasts simply were not the same after. When I stopped nursing the baby and I lost some weight, my breast simply started to disappear. This would not have been the end of the world, but what made it worst was the fact that my skin simultaneously refused to follow suit, and with the fullness of my breasts gone, I was left hanging, quite literally.

How Can I Get Full, Firm Breasts Again

How do I get my full, firm breasts back without serious intervention? That is the question, which keeps us awake, especially if you had full breasts with volume before! Is it even possible? Without artificial implants or optical illusions, such as a stuffed bra? I simply want them exactly as they were, and I am not sure if it is possible anymore. The funny thing is that the rest of my figure is exactly the way it was before my pregnancy, but for some reason, my breasts just did not get the memo. Everything is perfect except my chest area, which seems to have become less full and a little saggy. It is unfortunately noticeable, but I have not given up hope yet.

I know there are other women on this site battling the same problem as I write these words, and I imagine many of them are more experienced than I am, so I would welcome any advice. I heard stories about breast enhancement products, but they are usually hard to take seriously for a variety of reasons. In fact, some of the claims were so outrageous that I started to wonder if those people did not have similar volume problems of their own, only in their brain, instead of their chest.

Larger Breasts Might Be Possible for Me

This is pretty much the only place I found a possible, viable solution, and we are allowed to share our stories and experiences. This certainly gives me some faith in the products we see here. I am personally a big believer in natural substances. There is a reason why numerous FDA-approved medicines are still derived from plant based materials. We also know that breast volume is affected not just by your weight and eating habits, but also by your hormonal system, and some other outside factors.

Not just that, but there are natural substances that have a proven effect on these hormone levels! If that is true – and it is true because it is scientifically proven -, there has to be some herb or a combination of herbs that can increase breast volume, right? I want to reiterate, I do not think there is a miracle herb out there that would increase your breasts two full sizes, but achieving fuller breasts, especially if you already had them at some point, must be possible.
While these products are attractive to me, I did not try any other products in the past, partly because of the outlandish claims and because I found their advertisements nonsensical. They always read as if they were written by men, and let me tell you this, those men were no gynaecologists.

These Scams Hurt True Science

The point is, that when someone comes up with ridiculous claims in hope of making money, they hurt those, who are trying to find the natural substances that could indeed generate physiological changes in certain areas of our body. They have no idea why breasts are the way they are in the first place, so how could they have the very solution to a problem they do not even understand? Because they do not understand, not emotionally, and certainly not scientifically. The former is unfortunately true for even plastic surgeons. They want you to sign a piece of paper that puts all the responsibility on your shoulders alone. If your implants do not look the way you wanted them – a very common problem, mind you – you cannot do anything about it, even about the potential complications, scars, pain, etc. What you are left with are crazy remedies and hoax sites. There has to be another way, right?