I would like to have bigger breasts, but I don't want surgery!

How many times have you been standing in front of the mirror, thinking, I want more beautiful breasts?

Actually, you want fuller breasts but also firm breasts. Almost every woman has had these thoughts of desire sometimes, after all, over half of all women believe that their breasts are too small, too saggy, not firm enough or think that they simply could be a little bigger. Next follows a mad search on the Internet resulting in an overload of confusing, and many times highly doubtful information. Thousands of different jars with mostly the same contents. Only the labels and brands that are printed on them seem to be different?

Different jars, different brands, same breast enlargement pills...

We found that the same pills, in exactly the same jars having different names (many of which are not very convincing), sometimes with pictures on the labels of women with silicone implants, advertising with zinc tablets for breast augmentation!! Later we encountered the same pills as the miracle weight loss tablets having a sticker on them with the image of a girl with eating disorders. Again the exact same tablets pop up once more, this time for supple joints. It is clear that if you start with this segment of nonsense products from the wrong side it's going to empty your pockets, leaving you without any results for your breasts.

We here at Natural Push Up have never succeeded to produce a serious alternative for breast implants by using basic fytho estrogens, as are found in some of the other products on the market. There are thousands of types recognized as fytho estrogens. However, this is only the case for the majority of them simply because there is a barely measurable estrogenic activity.

As an example; One ten thousandth of a watt of electricity is still measurable, but you can't even use it for a 1 watt LED light. So what we are trying to say with this, such companies are doing something with the scientific background of a car mechanic or mason for example. We're not going to explain in this article what we do exactly, that should be more than clear from the information on our website. However, we from Natural Push Up check all ingredients on human cell lines specifically tested for a significant receptor binding affinity to the estrogen receptors. If this would not be found we could just as well sell a banana in capsule form to our customers. It would have the same effect...

There can only be one, the original breast care product!

We were quite shocked by the inactive ingredients that are offered by others in this segment, such as pure calcium tablets for example. It is sad for the consumer but also for us as a serious producer and inventor of natural breast enhancement it's surely not pleasant. It cultivates the idea that there is only nonsense for sale in this segment. However, there are hundreds of types of Coke (Cola) in the world of which 99% is simply not the original and therefore not really nice for someone who likes to drink Coke. Not the real thing, not the same.

Asides from all that, fytho estrogens, even if they coincidentally found the right ones, couldn't match the hormone pallet of a woman as her body produces it during her puberty. Therefore, it can impossibly generate the same results without any other supplements added! So we are forced to offer a combination of products for the total treatment. And because of the simple fact that many flavones are not resistant to stomach acids, swallowing them whole would make their use meaningless. With every package of Natural Push Up hop tablets you receive one package of melting tablets which should be placed under the tong until it's fully disolved.

Complete treatment for more beautiful breasts

Natural Push Up is a complete program that took 20 years of research and development, this is not the case for zinc or calcium tablets of course, we could make those in  just one day. The first however does absolutely nothing, the second is known to cause kidney stones if you continue doing it for too long.

Choose for the original breast enhancement product that has been proven to be valuable, 100% natural and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of women around the world.