The wonderful world of cosmetic surgery for bigger breast / Breast augmentation:

IDEA No.1: Implanting sponges into your breasts:

Do you remember the revolution of sponge implants? This was the idea everything started with long ago. Unfortunately this revolution of the first breast augmentation method ended dramatically with mega capsular formation and the body rejecting the implants. This was the beginning of a long series of blunders. But one thing was clear, this market is worth gold and made every effort has to be made in finding an alternative quickly.

IDEA No.2: Silicone implants for bigger breasts:

Eureka, the solution is found! Plastic bags filled with silicone. Wonderful bigger breasts without the drama that was caused by the sponges. "What could go wrong?" A great idea, except that these bags quickly began to leak. This had major consequences with many times worse results than we had seen before from the sponges. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world were completely poisoned with silicone molecules in their bodies, the consequences were disastrous.

breast implants

Idea No. 3: Stronger bags for breast enlargement with silicone implants:

The improved bags were "the next BIG thing (s)". Larger, more beautiful, full and firm breasts. The goal was reached and breast enlargement based on implants was now safe and finally brought to perfection, right? It went really good a little longer, but soon followed the advice but they still are best replaced every 10 years. However, at the expense of the patient, of course. These women could really be called patients, in the end there were so many women seriously ill that hospitalization couldn't be avoided.

Time and time again nobody was arrested from the world of cosmetic surgery. There was even no one interrogated, so no one has ever been persecuted either. Oddly ...

Implant insertion procedure

IDEA No.4: Olive implants for breast enlargement surgery:

Created by women for women! With this great new slogan the olive oil breast implant was launched. Great intellect was shown and the sincere interest in public health was again amazing. The bags were filled with olive oil instead of silicone oil. They just forgot the simple scientific fast that olive oil, when stored at a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and kept in motion 24 hours a day, becomes a completely different substance than regular olive oil. So different even that when this liquid starts eating away the bags inside. As soon as they finally start to leak this harmful is released into the body with disastrous results. Again a very dangerous method as it turned out, too late for so many women around the world.

The next drama had taken place and in no time clinics and manufacturers were silently seeking contact with their victims to make them aware of the ticking time bombs in their firm and big breasts. The ladies were allowed to remove them immediately and get new implants. The old familiar ..... silicone implants!

Real breast implant before and after

Idea No. 5: Monoblock Hydrogel implants:

Cosmetic surgery had become a lot wiser from all these lessons, yes it ruined the lives of millions of women but some sacrifices had to be made along the way. There was again an urgent need for a new revolution in the world of breast enhancement. And a new miracle for your breasts was found soon after. They came up with the Monoblock Hydrogel implants. Just the name sounds trustworthy doesn't it? Shiny and modern, this has to be good. A big campaign was started where heavy vehicles were driving over Monoblock implants without being able to damage them. This confidence of gullible women had to be restored. And of course there were once again hundreds of thousands of women who, ignorant, gladly volunteered as guinea pigs.

Bigger silicone breasts

Disadvantages of the Monoblock breast implants:

Once implanted these implants truly honor their name, as they truly feel as blocks in the breasts. In addition, it is so that even when this oil is thickened into a solid and unpleasant matter the block keeps 'transpiring'.

A simple test can show that when a monoblock hydrogel implant is kept at a temperature of 36 degrees for a few years that a large grease stain will form on the paper. According to the most recent studies, the molecules of these implants have already been found in the brain tissues of women who have undergone such breast surgery, and other silicone-based breast augmentation methods. The consequences will only become clear in the coming years.

Breast implants

IDEA Nr.6: Injecting your own fat into your breasts (Lipofilling)

Since the implant sector could apparently not find anything harmless they had to look inside our own body's for resources to inject or implant. They started with a procedure given the name Lipofilling. Your own fat is sucked away from places you'd rather not have it, in order to inject it into your breasts again.

This method was considered to be safe as long as there are no bacteria's injected along with the fat. In practice, such infections are unfortunately common and can involve very unpleasant consequences (which do make your breasts grow a lot more in the time after the injections). In recent times a lot of research begins to emerge about possible very harmful effects as it seems that the cells from your belly fat start to behave very differently when they are injected into the breasts. (source)

Disadvantages of Lipofilling:

- You obviously do need to have enough fat already to reach your ideal breast size.
- Often, the operation leaves ugly scars on your abdomen or bikini line.
- How often does this need to be repeated? And what will it cost each time?
- When not repeated the breasts become saggy again and get ugly dents.
- Possibly more harmful than silicone, the future will tell.

However, all cleverly conceived because with the lipofilling method the patient can have her breast augmentation continuously repeated at her own expense. With silicone implants this has to be repeated at least once every 10 years for the prevention of the biggest risks. Though, there is no guarantee that it won't go wrong before those 10 years have passed. PS. How sure are you that you can afford another breast augmentation surgery after 10 years?

Natuurlijke borstvergroting

IDEA No.7: Natural breast enhancement without risks:

Natural breast enlargement or breast enhancement is the only alternative that not only works in an optical way. The results are 100% produced by your own body without leaving bad scars or causing unpleasant side effects. Your breasts are your breasts, not an illusion created by a wonder bra or giving you the unnatural shape, touch and movement of breasts with implants.

Downsides of natural breast enlargement:

With natural breast enhancement methods you cannot grow from a cup to a DD cup in one afternoon. But should anyone have to submit to such operations which have time and time again been proven to be extremely dangerous and go completely wrong thousands of times each year?

Natural Push Up - Natural breast enlargement with herbs:

These 100% natural supplements for your breasts contain herbs which were once the model for the contraceptive pill. But it does not contain only just 1 type of herbal extract. It contains a complete pallet to herbal extracts which have a substantial affinity with the hormone receptors of the body. With these extracts an attempt can be made to start a mini puberty for your breasts. The Natural Push up quickly became a global success through word-of-mouth, however, not going unnoticed by fortune seeking adventurers.

Breast growth remedies came to market from all directions, generally not as well thought out as the original product. NPU kept a close eye on this market and examined all such products in their laboratories. Up to date just one single product has been seen that actually contains 1 single extract which is needed to achieve any results.

However, only one single extract is quite different than the right combination of herbs that is able to mimic the hormones pallet from puberty. To find this combination a 20 year research was conducted and the hops used are specially cultivated for The Natural Push Up tablets so that they contain the optimal amount of flavones and has a minimal bitterness so it is barable for the stumach. Also, this treatment is designed in such a way that it only affects on the breasts. That's not so easy to copy, of course.

In that case, will you choose calcium tablets for example? Or the one and only, originalproduct for natural fuller and more beautiful breasts?